15+ Tilt Shift Tutorials for Photoshop and Photography

How to Create Your Own Tilt-Shift Photograph in Photoshop

Tilt-Shift Photography and Photoshop Tutorial

How do tilt shift lenses work?

Turn any Lens into a Tilt-Shift or Macro

How Shift Lenses Change Your Life

Using Tilt Shift Lenses to Control Perspective

Focusing Tilt-Shift Lenses

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A girl that lives through the lens of her camera - as this is the best way to see things as you want them to see. Born and raised in Moldova, now living in sunny Cyprus.


  1. Fredrik Jan 26, 1:19 pm

    Hey thx for the links… I think this type of photoshop editing make some images so cool looking!

  2. steff Jan 26, 7:03 pm

    thank god for photoshop and photoshop tutorials! the price for a good lens is way too much for a newbie to photography. great collection!


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