19 Highly Addictive Facebook Games

Social networks – who would’ve thought they would be so popular one day and that it would take up most of our free time. I am not talking for all of the people of course but it really is one of the most common ways to waste time nowadays. Maybe it is better to do that instead of watching a stupid movie of course, but everyone has its guilty pleasures and one of them might be Facebook for example.

Let’s admit it – Facebook has millions of users worldwide and there are thousands of other people that connect to this social network daily. Millions of people log in to Facebook every day in order to check their friends’ statuses or just see what’s going on with their lives. Statistics speak for themselves in this case.

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Other people find it interesting to log into Facebook to play their favorite games and compare their scores to their friends or any other players and this is kind of cool actually. Games on Facebook have become really popular and there are new ones appearing daily so there are plenty to choose from. I even remember one of my friends going home earlier when we went out for a beer once mentioning he had to water his potatoes otherwise the crop will be poor. Only after some time I understood he was talking about a Facebook game. Anyway if you are a fan of games and you’re looking for something to keep you entertained on Facebook, then here is a list of some of the most popular and beware – “highly addictive” games on Facebook out there at the moment.

Facebook Games


Word Challenge

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Cafe World

Pet Ville

Fish Ville

Pet Society

Restaurant City

Hotel City

Social City


Farm Town

Bubble Island

Frontier Ville

Battle Stations

Car Town

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  1. skdj Feb 18, 6:45 am

    You are missing “Wild Ones” it`s really addictive!

  2. Matt Feb 2, 11:51 pm

    On February 2, 2012, Mowgli will allow an exclusive look at Songster Beta before it is open to the public. Songster allows players to create something real, something players can take outside the game – damn good music.

    Songster players will follow a compelling storyline of a fledging musician working their way up through the ranks of the music industry. Songster allows users to post songs they’ve created to friends’ walls, encouraging gamers to spread the word just as they would a new hit song. Songster’s innovation of the “Song Pack” enables anyone, regardless of musical knowledge or talent, to create a compelling song.

    February 2: Share an exclusive Backstage Pass to play Songster Beta with your followers. Go to http://www.playsongster.com and enter Backstage Pass Code P5CXZK to gain entry.

    Have fun!


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