25 Smashing Billboard Designs

Even though billboards are supposed to be a pretty expensive method of advertising and it might not be available for all of the business owners – it is a really good strategy. If billboards are creative, smart and deliver the right message, then one can definitely hit success in their marketing department.

These huge ads definitely get people’s attention and they are practically inevitable. Think of cities like Japan, or New York – those are full of different billboards and it’s really hard and expensive to get a spot there.

However if you have to money, you should definitely go for it. Think of Coca-Cola – it has billboards all over the world and they do invest a lot in their promoting process. At least that was their strategy at the beginning.

There are tons of billboards out there that you can get inspired by and even if you are not going to make your own billboard, maybe it will help you create a cool logo and a good slogan next to it. Check out this series of super creative billboards and get inspired!

Billboard Designs

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  1. Brixter Feb 26, 1:57 am

    Nice collection. Very creative. Thumbs up for image # 4. That is very innovative and creative at the same time.

  2. Dessign Feb 27, 7:56 pm

    Great finds Corina. Well if you want some attention your billboard ad better be innovative and unique, otherwise nobody cares to look, Everybody is too busy texting/sms


    • Corina Ciripitca Feb 28, 8:00 pm

      Thanks Marios! You are right:) creative billboards should be a must!


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