30 Really Creative Tech Advertisements

Every tech related magazine usually has a technical advertisement on each two-page spread. However people pay minimum attention to these ads and skip 90% of them as quickly as possible. The more lucky 8% of tech ads arrest sight for approximately ten seconds and only remaining 2% really kick the goal. These two percent of advertisements are reviewed by the readers thoroughly due to their unusual creative design and style. Simply speaking – they are cool and able to bring the message to the end user.

The showcase below is the result of work of talented designers and copywriters. Each ad was designed creatively to reach the sensorium of people and inject the advertising information in it. For sure these creative ads were developed in the process of impossible brainstorming but the result surpasses all expectations.

Creative Tech Advertisements

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  1. Hannah Hurst Jan 18, 7:26 pm

    These are great! So simple yet so clever! Think my favourite has to be the ESPN one. Thanks for sharing.


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