35+ Stylish and Creative Typographical Desktop Wallpapers

We have already posted some articles about desktop wallpapers, and indeed there are so many things you can place on your desktop for daily inspiration. This time we decided to let you know about the typographical wallpapers.

When you add up text to a desktop wallpaper, it seems to look really elegant and stylish and the thing is that there are so many choices of typographical wallpapers that you will be confused once you check out all of them. What’s also great about them is that there is a big variety of fonts applied to these typographical desktop wallpapers. So whenever you feel like getting a dose of inspiration you can just check out your desktop wallpaper – might help.

Typography Desktop Wallpapers

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  1. Dezine Weblog Mar 4, 1:49 pm

    LOVELY :)

    The Orange & Museo wallpapers have great 3D typography effect.

  2. Lisa Mar 4, 4:10 pm

    woah those are amazing. The world map one is my favourite, very creative.

    Thanks for posting.

  3. Muhammad Mar 4, 5:57 pm

    Wow, great typography, today I spent my whole day searching a good typographic quote or anything that explain LIFE. :)

  4. wallpaper Mar 5, 12:27 pm

    I tried to make one by myself and i can tell you its impossible to make it!!
    Respect Friends


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