40 Awesome Examples of Photo Manipulation Art

Art has always been very sensitive to all innovations. Digital age has brought new possibilities for creative expression. New art forms evolved while traditional ones acquired new subdivisions. Photo manipulation art is an excellent example of a mixture of a traditional art form with the latest technologies. This creative activity opens a wide scope for imagination.

By working with raw photo material in special software, a photo artist can create fantastic pieces. Obviously, photo manipulation art requires profound skills both in photography and designing. You have to be extremely precise if you want to reach miraculous results. Thankfully, nowadays there are numerous step-by-step tutorials available on-line so you can start from the basic techniques and then proceed with more challenging tasks.

However, we believe that it’s always worthy to have a look at the brilliant examples of photo manipulation art which will inspire you and show what results you can reach. So in this post we have gathered the most impressive pictures in different techniques and styles and we’re glad to invite you to discover the magic world of photo manipulation art!

Photo Manipulation Art

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  1. Manish Chauhan Dec 31, 11:09 am

    nice example of photo manipulation :)

  2. Husien Adel Jan 1, 12:25 am

    great collection, thanks for sharing ;)

  3. Vicareo Jan 2, 1:22 am

    Outstanding pieces of work, very original and inspiring

  4. chelle Feb 8, 10:28 am

    I loved looking through these… inspires me to try out some more challenging projects. I would absolutely LOVE to know the sources of these images… do you know the authors?


    • Veronica Jan 13, 12:15 am

      I agree, would love to know where they came from so can check out their other stuff. I use a lot other people’s images on one of my sites, but always give a link so people can follow through to the original site. Can you add some links to sources pretty please??


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