5 Business Development Hacks to Grow Your Web Design and Development Company

You can’t do everything yourself. Whether it’s sales, marketing, or improving your services, partnering with other companies can be the key to your company’s growth. Here’s 5 ways you can grow your business with some tried and true business development tactics.

Get the word out with joint marketing

Don’t have the budget to blanket the Internet with your name? Try working with other companies in a co-marketing relationship and share costs. Maybe hold an event with another company that will help you bring more attendees and share in the costs. How about writing an article for another company’s newsletter or email list? Just be sure to reciprocate or find an arrangement where both sides benefit.

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Find more work with referrals

Partnering with other organizations allows you to drive new customers without having to spend the money of finding them yourself. Think about organizations that have complementary services. By partnering with them and offering a referral fee you can get access to potential customers you may have never been able to reach.

Improve and expand your services

Maybe you’re not the best at a certain job, such as doing server administration. Why not partner with someone else to take care of that for you? By partnering with them you can arrange better rates than going to them individually for each client and you’re working with experts who do this every day. What about expanding your services to include SEO, content writing, and development on different platforms? Partner with other companies to fill in those services under your name and supervision.

Make more money per client

You can make more money per client if you think about each element of a project that requires an outside vendor.  Some companies will give you as much as 30% for the lifetime of the customer. In the case of payment gateways you can even earn a percentage of all the transactions. Here are some ideas:

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  • SSL certificates
  • Shopping cart software
  • Payment gateways
  • Stock photos
  • Web hosting
  • Marketing services
  • SEO
  • Anything Microsoft
  • Networking equipment
  • Drop shipping
  • Inventory management
  • Server administration

Make a list of the vendors you use regularly or have heard your clients request before. Contact each one or go to their website to see if they offer a referral or reseller program. Try going with a referral program to start with, as it is dead simple to set up. If there is strong demand consider a reseller partnership where you will make larger margins, but may need to put money down.


Start working with fantastic companies on new projects. You’ll find new opportunities and great experiences by working with new people. Whether it’s for a client, a charity, or an organization to further web development and design standards, collaboration with other companies can open many doors.

5 Business Development Hacks to Grow Your Web Design and Development Company

Getting Started

To get started, put together a basic business development plan.

  1. Start by defining your overall situatio. Who are the companies, who have they partnered with and what markets are they after?
  2. Set your goals for what you want to accomplish with business development. Do you want to expand your services? Reach more potential customers?
  3. Define how you will measure success. Set up some basic metrics that will indicate if your efforts are a success. Is it revenue? Customer satisfaction? Inbound leads?
  4. Action plan. What do you need to do to make this a success? Do you need to create a partner program? Do you need a list of companies? What kinds of marketing materials will you need?

Alex Kehayias is the co-founder of BeanSprout, http://www.beansprout.co, a business development marketplace. He served as product manager at various companies and worked closely with partners and establishing strategic alliances in the web technology industry.


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