66 Examples of Magnificent Photorealistic Paintings

“Photorealism” is a genre of painting based on using photos and creating a painting that looks exactly like the taken photograph.  This way the painting itself will look really close to reality. This term appeared in the late 1960′s during the United States art movement.

Many have criticized this type of art, because it is believed to be creating nothing new, as it practically doubles the real photo; however I think it’s pretty amazing.

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I have recently seen some samples of photorealistic paintings and I was amazed by the intricate details that made it them so real. It is a real work of art to be able to reproduce some elements by using paints and paper and I think it’s really difficult at the same time.

This collection of photorealistic paintings will let you understand what I mean and hopefully you will like them too. What do you think? Real enough?

Photorealistic Paintings

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Abramov, Andrew – Cityscapes, landscapes and portraiture in oil, egg tempera and watercolor by Russian artist living in Shreveport, LA.
Agnellet, Dominique Yves – French artist based in Louisiana. Marine, automotive, and floral images in oil and watercolor. Some paintings represented as triptychs.
Albertoni, Chiara – An Italian painter presents her gallery of highly detailed abstract forms in nature.
Almasi, John – Showcasing the airbrush artwork of a painter from New York State.
Arvid, Thomas – Photo-realistic modern still life paintings of wine. A collection of new releases, limited edition giclees, sold out limited editions and original oils on canvas.
Bacon, Linda – California artist who paints in watercolor and oil. Large colorful paintings depicting a thematically grouped assortment of toys, comic books, musical instrument and knick knacks.
Balcar, Karel – Czech artist who paints hyperrealistic works with oil on canvas. Includes gallery, resume and statement. [English and Czech]
Bevan, Cara – Featuring the acrylic paintings of a North Carolina artist focusing on animals and nature. Includes resume and information about commissions.
Bodin, Jacques – Presents works by photorealist painter. Includes images with comments, biography, interview and links.
Boersma, Gerard – Dutch painter specializing in images of people in urban settings. A magnifying glass allows closer inspection of paintings. New work continuously added to the site.
Brauniger, Stefan – Works by the Wuppertal artist depict flowers, fruit, and still life in oil on canvas.
Brooks, Brian – London-based artist focusing on architectural subject matter and images of the natural world. Includes information about exhibitions.
Burgess, Roy E – Based on the Hawaiian Island of Maui and specializing in paintings of people from diverse cultures.
Burkholder, Bruce – Showcasing the paintings and drawings of an artist from Kansas.
Campos, Pedro – Oil on canvas still-life and city and seascapes in Javascript galleries with training profile and exhibitions list.
Cardiff, Dennis – Painting subjects include portrait, landscape, and still life, done mostly in acrylic.
Caro Gardeazabal, Daniel – Showcasing the paintings and drawings of a Colombian artist specializing in still life. Includes information about exhibitions and awards.
Chapman, Steven – Filipino-American artist exploring the relationship between cultural influence and individuality in his portrait and figurative paintings.
Chartier Francois – A collection of brightly colored and glossy still life acrylic paintings. In English and French.
Cioffi, Natalia – Russian artist now residing in the US and specializing in animal portraits in pastel. Includes biography and portfolio.
Compagnucci, Andres – Argentinian oil painter who creates colorful, whimsical images of toys, souvenirs, buses, flowers and landscapes. Includes bio and contact information.
Corfield, Paul – British artist paints detailed still lifes, emphasizing reflective surfaces. Bio, links and a continuously updated works in progress page.
Cross, Mark – Presents work by a New-Zealand-born artist, with his comments on life in the Southern Pacific islands and some essays on his philosophy of art.
De Angelis, Maurizio – Italian artist based in London and specializing in portraits and still life. Includes work in progress and videos.
Deckbar, Adrian – Contemporary photorealist and portrait painter from New Orleans. Works in oil, pastel and some photography.
Deziel, Brandi – Toronto based artist. Includes current gallery of figurative and still life work.
Earney, Michael – Featuring the paintings of a Texas artist including Mexican masks, roadside memorials, doorways and headboards.
Eliuk, Marc – Showcasing the paintings of a Canadian artist focusing on portrait and figurative work using oil on canvas.
Esnault , Gilles – Portfolio of still lifes, portraits, cityscapes and landscapes by this French artist.
Evans, Bruce – Acrylic painter who creates extremely detailed landscapes, animal portraits and quirky still lifes.
Fallows, Gregory – An American artist living in Denmark whose subject matter includes cityscapes, cars and portraits. Also, presents surrealistic work.
Finnigan, David – British oil painter who subject matter includes urban scenes, still lifes, and reflective surfaces.
Flack, Audrey – First generation photorealist utilizing acrylic airbrush techniques to create colorful and mystical still lifes.
Ford, Randy – Realist painter from Mississippi who specializes in still lifes, roadside signs and diner imagery.
Frias, Isabel de – Spanish oil painter’s gallery of figurative, portrait, landscape and still life work. Extensive links page showcasing other photorealist artists.
Goings, Ralph – Documentation of forty years of work by this American photorealist painter. Diners, pickup trucks and still lifes of restaurant condiments are the themes.
Gold, Jeffrey – Documents the works of a Los Angeles artist. Mostly figurative and some still lifes. Images, review, and curriculum vitae.
Hackney, Tom – London-based artist who specializes in photo-realistic paintings of seascapes and landscapes. Regularly updates exhibition information.
Hageman, Jamie – British mountain artist, producing atmospheric landscape paintings from his studio in the Highlands of Scotland.
Henderickx, Philip – Featuring the figurative paintings and drawings of an artist from Belgium who works in a primarily monochrome style.
Hennessey, Simon – UK Birmingham artist that specializes in meticulously detailed portraits usually within a close focal point.
Hoard, Linda – Pacific Northwest painter concentrating on still lifes of florals and everyday objects. Bio and work in progress page.
Holmes, David – California artist who paints in acrylic. Subject matter includes San Francisco and Santa Monica street scenes.
Hoppe, Curt – Realist painting and prints featuring urban scenes by this New York City artist. Includes biography.
Hunt, Darrell – Oil paintings of the famous cartoon action figures from the British artist.
Hyperrealism.net – Presents images of hyperrealist paintings, articles, news, and a bibliography. English and French.
Jacot, Don – Provides various galleries of oil paintings of pop culture icons. Includes related links.
Jerko, Kacan. – Oil paintings, photorealism marine baroque.
Katz, Allan – California artist concentrating on urban realism. Includes background information and portfolio.
Keeley, Ken – Artist whose work focuses on city scenes and news stands in New York City.
Kleemann, Ron – Painter of American icons with subjects ranging from NASCAR images to Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons.
Kot, Pawel – Polish artist now residing in South Africa and specializing in oil on canvas paintings of wildlife, landscapes and portraits.
LaSaga, Brian – Based in Newfoundland and painting primarily with acrylic on masonite panel. Includes artist’s statement and exhibition history.
Lago, Fernando Lopez – Based in Chile and specializing in motorcycles with an emphasis on Harley-Davidsons. Includes background information and image galleries.
Lazos, William – This Canadian artists offers up portraits, still lifes and amusement park scenes in acrylic. A few works in charcoal and graphite.
Loeb, Damian – Hyper-realist paintings on urban themes by the New York painter.
Lybecker, Kirk – Landscapes and floral studies in watercolor, and airbrush.
MacArthur, Eileen – A variety of paintings of photographs primarily in oil on canvas. Includes resume, artist’s statement and portfolio.
MacCormick, Neil – Canadian painter of nondescript urban buildings and storefronts reflecting the artist’s concern with issues of identity and alienation.
Maddox, Jeannie – Alabama artist works in oil and acrylic creating large portraits of swimmers, urban street scenes and still lifes.
Meyer, Deannie – A composite of works and ideas by a California artist working with watercolor, encaustic and oil.
Michelson, Philip – Watercolors, monotypes, mixed media on paper, acrylics on canvas and panels, lithographs, collage, and Iris/Giclee prints depicting architectural/urban elements or still life objects.
Mieschke, Conrad – Canada based artist, paints Photo-realistic landscapes and portraits in watercolour or egg-tempera of southern Ontario.
Mills, Steve – Oils of scenic Martha’s Vineyard and close up still lifes of glass objects, featuring marbles. Also reviews, articles and biography.
Molea, Bogdan – Canadian artist who utilizes oils to paint images of wrinkled paper and crumpled fabrics.
Mondok, Wayne – Toronto based artist working mainly in acrylic. His work comprises nautical images, cityscapes and beach scenes.
Monroy, Bert – Digital “paintings” and iconography presented with detail view options, biography, and Berkeley artist’s work in other media.
Moore, John – Featuring the paintings and drawings of an Indiana contemporary artist focusing on still life.
Morishige, Yi-Ping Luo – Chinese artist working in acrylic. Images of American women. Offers original work and framed limited edition prints.
Murphy, Liam – Landscape, floral and abstract paintings focusing on subjects from Canada, Ireland, England and Hawaii.
Muller-Franken, Johannes – German artist specializing in figurative paintings. Includes statement and resume. [English and German]
Nieto, Juan Bautista – Spanish artist offers a gallery of hyperrealist paintings. [English and Spanish]
Oretsky, Barry – An exhibition of this Canadian Photo-realist artist’s works from the late 1980′s. Figurative work as well as street scenes.
Peterson, Denis – New York hyperrealist painter working in acrylic, using airbrush techniques to capture portraits of refugees escaping from genocide.
Popielarz, Matthew – Brightly colored cityscapes of New York, Las Vegas and South Beach, Florida.
Perez, Luis – Spanish artist specializing in transport, classic cars and street scenes. Includes image galleries, resume and press reviews.
Reboli, Joseph – Gallery of New England still life and landscape paintings.
Rees, David K. – Displays a series of image reflections on glass skyscrapers, and seascapes.
Reichelt, Victoria – Australian artists paints in oil medium. Subject matters includes, books, household items and bathroom tile scenes.
Rigby, Bruce – Paintings by New Jersey artist. Images of classic cars and textured mixed media wall series in acrylic. A selection of archival prints.
Rocca, Luigi – Venetian artist who paints extremely detailed cityscapes and other subjects in oil and acrylic. Includes biography, current events and exhibitions.
Rogers, Sophia – British artist specializing in monochromatic portraiture, landscapes and one-off statement pieces. Includes exhibition schedule.
Rogers, Tom – New Mexico artist creating oil paintings of deliberately composed familiar small objects. Includes biography and portfolio.
Rose, Bill – Oil painter from Newfoundland whose work is often political, often humorous or ironic while remaining very intricate and detailed.
Ross, Anthony – Acrylic artist who paints images of marquees, signs, motels. Gallery, biography, statement, and exhibitions.
Russell, Mark Alan – Australian artist focusing on photorealism but also creating abstract paintings and digital sculptures.
Santander, Cesar – Presents a collection of acrylic paintings of tin toys, and other still life objects.
Santarpia, Charles – Specializing in street scenes, primarily of New York City and New Haven in Connecticut.
Santos, Joe – Watercolor paintings of signs, machinery, and other industrial subjects. Curriculum vitae included.
Sbarberi, Herve – Resume and portfolio of a French artist specializing in still life.
Schonzeit, Ben – Survey: 30 years of painting by American photorealist Ben Schonzeit plus new works, recent exhibitions, museum collections
Scholnhammer, Heinz – Vienna artist presents realist paintings in oil featuring urban, flower, landscape and garden scenes. [English, Italian and German]
Siemens, Richard – Australian painter creating clear definition, ultra-realistic, oil and acrylic artworks.
Simcock, Emma – British portrait painter states her objective to consider solely “surface” themes such as beauty and vanity. Exhibition list and galleries also provided.
Sorin, Sorin – Painter from Moldova who paints rural subjects in oil on pressed cardboard in a style influenced by Russian Realism. Includes images and biography.
Sparkuhl, Rudy – Canadian Photorealist Painter who has been exhibiting professionally since the late ’70s. Various subject matter including architecture and still-lifes. With curriculum vitae and short statement.
St. Rose, Alicia – California artist presents a gallery of super-realism architectural and portrait works in pastel on paper. Includes biography and exhibition information.
Stennett, Adam – Contemporary figurative oil paintings influenced by the aesthetic of black and white photography.
Taylor, Nathan – A showcase of this Australian painter’s work from 1999 to present. Colorful figurative work and images of common everyday items in acrylic and pastel.
Templeton, Kenneth – Virginia artist specializing in seascapes and cityscapes in oil.
Torlakson, James – Artist and surfer presents his works in watercolor and oil, as well as etchings and drawings. Amusement parks, trailers and boxcars are some of his imagery.
Tsakiris, Laurent – Presents figurative, portrait, wildlife, and still life paintings, and drawings.
Tunney, Gerald – British painter influenced by the cinema, popular mythology, studio stills and mass media imagery. Includes artist’s statement and portfolio.
Varbanov, Maria & Valery – Bulgarian husband and wife who collaborate to create abstract compositions with photorealistic elements.
Walker, David – British artist with a variety of subject matter including figurative, automotive, architectural, landscape, nature, aviation and military.
Ward, David – Presents works by Canadian realist painter. Includes images with comments, biography, and exhibitions.
Welch, Michael – Images of his photorealist and abstract paintings, with a biographical note.
Werstuk, Dan – Canadian artist working in soft pastel. The landscape of Algonquin Park and northern Ontario, antique boats, garden and wild flowers all make their way onto his easel. Quicktime video of artist.
Zener, Eric – California artist creating figurative work with underwater themes.
Ziger, Ole – Ziger not only depicts everything in an uniformly sharp focus (unlike photography), but also describes the street scenes of New York.

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  1. Fraser Boag Apr 6, 1:53 pm

    Wow, some of those are incredible. I literally can’t even believe that a few of those aren’t photos!

  2. Nebulas Website Design Essex Apr 6, 3:08 pm

    Incredible! I love paintings and think this is the ultimate when it comes to painting, making it look like a photo. So very clever.

  3. Jahangir Apr 7, 1:44 am

    Incredible paintings. All paintings are very realistic but I think the last painting is way ahead than all others. The sky, the grass, body shades, sun light…etc everything is SO REALISTIC.

    Related to the same topic I posted about “Realistic Paintings by Iman Maleki” on my blog – http://ht.ly/4uMs4 – if you like to take a look for inspiration :)

  4. Jani Apr 7, 1:48 am

    I am wondering why some artists go with more complexed art “abstract art” where no object is easily understandable to normal people. They can do this kind of realistic paintings and inspire “everyone”.

    HATS OFF to these creative artists.

  5. Marios Apr 8, 3:14 am

    Just amazing, some of them look like photos, incredible

  6. Allan Katz Apr 9, 6:15 am

    Thanks for linking to my site. I like your choices, mostly portraits. We have many realists in Northern California.

  7. Jammi Apr 18, 9:07 pm

    The guy charles santarpia on the list below the pics(charlessantarpia.com)….my god….look at the grand central station exterior painting…and the car window with the reflections in it!

  8. Arthur Bristow Nov 10, 12:03 am

    I saw Gerhard Richter’s exhibition at the Tate Modern recently. He has used photos as reference material and recreated them in paint, as these artists have done, to a greater or lesser degree. He once said that this is to prove the superiority of painting over photography. I don’t understand the logic of recreating photos other than to show what a master of colour and technique you are. The paintings ‘say’ nothing other than that, to me. I can appreciate the technicality of them, but that is all. What is a painting, if all it does is recreate a photograph?

  9. sophia Dec 10, 2:55 pm

    Wow! most of them look like actual photographs. Lovely!

  10. Ronald Dec 17, 11:44 pm

    Hi, great work. Please could you tag the paintings so I know which artist painted what. Who painted the last picture? Thanks.

  11. Nicole Feb 20, 2:58 am

    All of the artwork is absolutely amazing and so unbelievably realistic. My Mother of 56 years young has recently passed away in November 2012 and my Father wants to have a painting of her put on his car. I would love to know if anyone knows of an artist who can do something for him that looks just as realistic as these wonderful pieces of art.

    Thank you and God Bless.


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