75+ Real Creative Movie Posters

Movies are probably the best way to spend an evening, to learn something new or just to rest after a long day of work. Some people like to see them in the movie theater, others like to watch them on a cosy couch at home – but first comes the choice.

What makes people want to watch a movie is its trailer and the way it is being advertised. However if you don’t have connection to the Internet or a TV at home all you can see is just the poster outside the movie theater or the picture on the tape. So besides firstly creating a good movie, one should also think about the way it will be advertised, hence the poster would be a good idea.

Posters are important because this is the first impression you get about the movie you are about to see, so if it is attractive and has a catchy phrase along with a cool design, then most probably people will choose that movie instead of others. This post will present some of the most creative movie posters that we have selected and maybe it will convince you to watch the movie, if you still haven’t, or simply inspire you to make a good design of your own.

Movie Posters Examples

Source images: imdb.com

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  1. Theo Feb 10, 11:13 pm

    Huge collection, some really great posters here, thanks for putting this together!

  2. Giorgetta McRee Feb 10, 10:25 pm

    Some of these are great, others pretty ordinary and bordering on “tacky”
    Better to have less samples than muddy the pool.

  3. elshawardy Ahmad
    Ahmad elshawardy Feb 11, 5:03 pm

    cool collection of posters .. and i loved 2011 movie poster it’s fantastic movie

  4. Dezine Weblog Feb 11, 9:11 pm

    Extremely creative posters.

    “The labor pains” & “The Butcher Boy” posters are kind of funny too :D

  5. Rebekah Feb 14, 7:13 pm

    I had not seen more than half of these posters & was floored by how creative they are! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. ivan (melbourne photographer) Mar 15, 4:51 am

    Some awesome posters here but we should remember there are also some pretty crap films.


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