Awesome Formula 1 Posters, 2011 Season Calendar

Those who are fans of speedy races already know that pretty soon they can enjoy a new season of Formula 1. Some of us have been waiting for it for a whole year, so that we can indulge our eyes and enjoy a pint of beer along with that.

What’s new about this years’ Formula 1 is the calling off of Bahrain Grand Prix that was scheduled to be opening the race, due to the violent anti-government protests. There is a new addition in the schedule – the Indian Grand Prix – an interesting thing to see I guess. Besides other additional changes in the rules of the championship and the broadcasting of all the races in HD, it is still the same thrilling experience to be lived and we are looking forward to it!

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Designers don’t sleep – they design all the time, even in their dreams. This means there are new super nice designs for F1 2011 Season Calendar for the fans. We appreciate the effort and would like to share them with our readers. Whether you are a Formula 1 fan or not, we think this showcase is pretty inspiring either way.

Formula 1 Posters

Created by PJTierney.

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  1. Mar 16, 2:51 pm

    So wonderful this design…a little bit vintage..but I love it! Great idea. Nice design really.

  2. nick Apr 11, 6:49 am

    very very neatposters make the event a historical event which they absolutely are

  3. Pete Jan 30, 2:15 pm

    I thought these looked familiar after you showed them to me at FOTB a number of months ago.


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