Best Design Articles October 2010

Design magazines have always been a great source of inspiration for designers. It brings latest trends and new ideas into the mind of designers. In other words, you can say that these are the true companion of designers. It adds a new spice in the design industry every next day. Designers feel so refreshing visiting the design magazines site. There are huge number of free Online magazines available.

Sometimes it becomes hard to find particular post related to our need, that’s why we collected few of the best design related post from all over the blogging world. This selection of great articles from across the board highlights some brilliantly written articles and massively inspiration compilation posts, be sure to click through and read them yourself.

Who Knows Better? You Or Your Customers

Common advice when starting a business is to uncover a segment of a market and determine what customers want or what problems they’re having and then give it to them. The customer is always right after all. Is this really the best advice?

Dons and Don’ts of Logo Communication

One should be very astute while designing such a logo that communicated to its target audience well. If you will try to combine your products, services, history, philosophy and mission statement all in one symbolic logo, it can harm your logo communication.

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The 20 Most Popular Design Tools and their Users

Ever wondered which are the most popular design tools and their number of users? We did too! So we partnered with Mostash to create an exclusive infographic depicting the 20 most popular design tools.

If you are having an online store where you are selling any kind of products, then you must know about some of the important tactics to make your store more successful. First thing to consider is the content on website. Is website content informative and containing targeted keywords and key phrases?

A Beginner’s Guide to Secure Your Site from Web Trespassers

Information is everything. The web is full of free information for everyone to use but there are things that webmasters don’t want people to know, things that should be kept away from prying eyes.

Photography – Salaried Position or Self Employment?

You don’t have to own the most fancy gadgets or know how to use the most sophisticated equipment in order to be a good photographer – all you need is a decent camera, some knowhow about its workings and knowledge about lighting and angles, an eye for the aesthetic, and a creative bent of mind.

Awesome Tips for Designing Perfect Web Typography

When it comes to web design it seems typography is the one area often left out of the loop. This is ironic in a sense as typography is what truly powers the web. What are websites without any content, after all?

As the web has advanced we have seen trends in web design rise and fall. Today I’ll be going over some of the most common typography tips for designers and how you can apply these to your current web projects.

The A-Z List for Web Designers

There are so many technical aspects of web design and development that it can be pretty hard work getting to grips with all the intricacies that have become a part of our ever-growing industry. This A-Z list attempts to assigns each letter of the alphabet to an important aspect of our work as professionals that make websites.

Giving Your Older Web Designs a Refresh

Every once in a while it doesn’t hurt to give your website design a refresh. It helps to remove older blocks of code which were slowing load times and costing you pageviews. It can also help to re-evaluate what you’re trying to do with your site and how your audience should interact with each page element.

4 Concepts for Simplistic Web Design

These are some powerful principles you might have never heard about. One of them is being used in the conversion rate optimization industry by world-class companies to skyrocket their conversion rates (getting more people to buy their products, register on sites and so on.) We’ll also explore why assumptions can be dangerous and how to learn more about your visitors with direct observation. Let’s get started.

Colours In Modern Web Design (Inspiration & Tutorials)

Color is an important element of website design. It is therefore necessary to make sure that the color scheme of your website corresponds to its theme, content and target audience. Modern web design colours should create a friendly environment, which doesn`t distract visitors from obtaining information.

Time Management Tips for Web Designers

Web designers can find many online tools and tips to help them to efficiently manage their time and organize their design work. We believe it is important to start by first acknowledging your working style, pick the methods or tools you are most comfortable with, and consistently measure the progress of your work.

Designing Effective Entry Points in Web Design

Creating an inviting “entry point” is important in any type of design discipline, but especially so on the web where attention spans are low and the the first moments of a user’s visit can make it or break it. Whether your goal is to create a flashy “splash screen” or you’re designing a more traditional homepage, there are simple design decisions that you make can to improve your chances at keeping visitors on your site.

Typography as Design: Advanced Technology and Art

It is amazing what doors our modern world and the computer have opened, in the universe of art. In graphic design, the sky is the limit and many things that were not even a whisper, just a few years ago are now reality. Take typesetting, for instance.

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