Creative Advertising Prints

Since today I’d like to share with you not only reviews of concrete agencies but also sets of the most interesting advertising prints by different authors for a some period of time. I hope that it’ll make our project more interesting and you’ll get even more satisfied with a reviewing of qualitative advertisement. So, let’s go!

The main slogan of public service announcement against drunk driving by the Mexican agency with unpronounceable name Menosunocerouno is “You are not for accidents”.

Creative Advertising Prints

Prints by agency King James from South Africa show us The Eagle Awards for the best advertisement which has been holding there since 1996. The main idea of these prints is that every time when you create bad advertisement something bad happens.

The print for WWF by another African agency Lowe Bull is made to show the problem against which the WWF is struggling. The problem is that while tuna-fishing, particularly tuna makes only 10% and the rest of it are different ocean creatures which shouldn’t suffer. It happens because of poor-quality tackles.

Another PSA by Thai agency BBDO is made to bring to the public the thought “Sleepiness is stronger than you” and to tell that people shouldn’t drive if they can fall asleep.

Brazilian branch of the BBDO agency create the advertising campaign for the cleanser OMO with a slogan “Dirtiness is good”.

The last work in this review is the work of Ukrainian agency Kinograph. It’s the series of prints which is devoted to the opening of a new pub. I think that there isn’t any idea but the stylistic of works is very interesting and recognizable that solves the main task.

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  1. Jahangir Apr 21, 1:09 pm

    LOL, the last “New Beer Pub” ad is pretty funny :D

    I also have posted 10 safe driving advertisements on my blog, you can see it on my link.

  2. Andrew Apr 21, 6:29 pm

    Love the ad by Thai agency BBDO! Brilliant! :)


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