30+ Useful CSS3/jQuery Plugins and Coding Techniques

Simple jQuery Fluid Thumbnail menu Bar

Slides, A Slideshow Plugin for jQuery

Colorful Sliders With jQuery & CSS3

Contextual Slideout Tips With jQuery & CSS3

Awesome Cufonized Fly-out Menu with jQuery and CSS3

Thumbnails Navigation Gallery with jQuery

Creating a Fancy menu using CSS3 and jQuery

Feature Table Design

Easy Display Switch with CSS and jQuery

Perfect Full Page Background Image

Codename Rainbows

Pure CSS3 bokeh effect with some jQuery help

jQuery UI Selectmenu: An ARIA-Accessible Plugin for Styling a Custom HTML Select Element

jQuery & CSS Sprite Animation Explained In Under 5 Minutes

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  1. Ralph Aug 23, 3:13 am

    I see Codrops is well covered in this list post :) Not so strange ‘tho… the jQuery tutorials of Mary Lou are outstanding.

  2. Jerone Nov 18, 12:05 am

    fantastic! thanks for sharing, and I also found neat jQuery jLogin it auto creates ajax login form in a seconds!

  3. Jerone Nov 18, 12:09 am

    hehe I almost forgot the web address here the jQuery jLogin http://www.devstring.com/jlogin/index.php

  4. Peter Black Feb 18, 10:31 pm

    Great collection! Here’s what I found today: http://carousel.mgechev.com/


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