50 Excellent CSS3 Techniques and Tutorials for Beautiful Design

Slide Down Box Menu with jQuery and CSS3

Awesome Cufonized Fly-out Menu with jQuery and CSS3

Beautiful Photo Stack Gallery with jQuery and CSS3

Speed Up with CSS3 Gradients

CSS3 Progress Bars

CSS3 Loading Spinner

Best Designed WordPress and Bootstrap Themes

Designmodo Shop

Bubble Point Tooltips with CSS3 & jQuery

CSS3-Only Tabbed Area

Bokeh with CSS3 Gradients

Shiny Knob Control with jQuery and CSS3

Having Fun With CSS3: Spinning Newspapers

Creating a PHP and CSS3 Powered About Page

Making a CSS3 Animated Menu

Photobooth with PHP, jQuery and CSS3

Better Check Boxes with jQuery and CSS

Coding a Rotating Image Slideshow w/ CSS3 and jQuery

Making Better Select Elements with jQuery and CSS3

CSS3 Animated Bubble Buttons

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1 Comment
  1. Kamil Jan 18, 9:02 pm

    Nice article but I don’t get why in the introduction you say: “present day internet browsers like Internet Explorer 7 & 8″. First IE7 and 8 are not present day browsers, it is 2012 remember? IE9 is present day browser and you don’t even mention it. We, as developers, should encourage people to upgrade. Second: IE7 and even 8 cannot render even basic CSS3 styles like border-radius.
    Once again, I do not want to be rude, I just don’t understand why you written your intro like that.
    Otherwise thanks very much for your hard work and sharing valuable information with us.


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