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Doing freelance work is simply the best way to improve your skills and build up a portfolio if you are a student or a new designer. Therefore I have been spending a lot of time on the internet doing work for different clients in the past few years.

However, freelancing is not always possible. Not all clients or companies will hire you right after you get out of college or right after you finish off a design course. In the design industry it is extremely important to have a portfolio, so you need to build that up on your own. It’s a tough world out there, nobody’s going to give you a hand unless you really are brilliant.


Crowdsourcing is probably the best way to build up that dream portfolio of yours. Some might say it is wrong and you shouldn’t do it, but I disagree. This type of work can help you a lot because you have the chance to earn some money and, if your designs will not win contests, at least you have something to decorate your portfolio with.

In the past few years I have been doing some crowdsourcing myself, but the difficult question to answer has always been “where should I do this type of work”?

Recently I have discovered DesignCrowd and I must say it is a clear favorite compared to its competitors. What I like about Design Crowd is that it’s safe for both companies and designers, which is not always the case in other places.

Moreover, what Design Crowd holds over its competitors is the huge database of freelance designers, with more than 105.000 people competing for winning design contents. That’s like the whole population in cities as Everett (Washington), Cambridge (Massachusetts) or Westminster (Colorado). Just imagine how a whole city can in principle compete to give an answer to your questions by delivering stunning designs.

The options you have are numerous and you can do pretty much everything, from T-Shirt design, brochure or flyers to logo design, which is where most projects lie. There are in total 40 categories of contests. On average there are 106 submissions per contest, but if you want a logo design, there will most likely be over 125 submissions. If you are a company, there will for sure be a design you will like out of this huge number.


In order to help freelancers, many employers spend quite some time by creating a brief, so that the participants have enough knowledge of the task and the company they work for. This is for sure required in order for them to be able to produce stunning and effective results, therefore I think this is a very positive attitude.

To showcase the success of the website, I will just say that since its launch in 2008, freelancers earned 5.3 Million Euros through work done here. Some basic math tells us this is almost 3.000 Euros per day, which is a decent amount of money.

The best and most successful designer on the website, coming from the UK, earned more than $230.000 by the time I write this article. Number two, from the Philippines, is few dollars off the $80.000 milestone and the third place, from Romania, earned already over $50.000. Quite impressive numbers I would say, considering most of people do crowdsourcing on the side of a full-time or part-time job. This can quickly emerge into a decent monthly payoff or a solid side income for a young, talented student. People saying money do not lie in crowdsourcing do not necessarily know what they are talking about.


Companies from all over the world post their jobs here and expect high-quality work from the designers participating in the contests. The testimonials left there by companies show how pleased they are with the service and how fast they end up with great solutions to their problems.

To mention its success again, DesignCrowd was featured in different articles on top world publications, such as TechCrunch, Mashable, TNW and its success was even discussed on the Yahoo! Finance blog. For an almost-five-year-old business DesignCrowd achieved a lot and I don’t think there’s a doubt about its future and the fact that it will improve.

Its developers only expect things to get better. More and more designers are willing to do spec work because they want to improve their skills, and this is not only to DesignCrowd’s advantage, but in general in the industry’s advantage. You can look at the idea very simple. The more people are competing for these contests, the better results are going to be delivered and showcased. Competition usually brings the best out of people, therefore DesignCrowd is one of the most – if not actually the most – successful crowdsourcing website in the world for designers.


After playing for few weeks with it, I can definitely say that DesignCrowd is much better than its competitors, but I don’t think you should listen to me. I sincerely think that you should try it for yourself. There is nothing you can lose, actually only a lot to win. And if earning money is not a big motivation for you (weird, but acceptable), think of how much experience you can get and think of how good your portfolio will look like in few months if you continuously participate in contests.

So don’t waste anymore time, go out there, create beautiful designs and give a hand to change the industry into a better, more competitive place.


  1. Akshay Jul 1, 7:35 pm

    Great an interesting article on designcrowd above mention all designers are really motivating and interesting and it rely helped me to learn and develop myself waiting for such articles

  2. Jackie Aug 9, 7:44 am

    Interesting read. I have been a DesignCrowd designer for almost a year now. I have had good success. The reason why I stopped doing it was because I would complete many proposals and never get a response. The projects I worked on 6 months ago are still open. The owner never chose a winner and has been given unlimited time to do so. That is the worst part. I dont do it anymore.


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