DesignModo: WINNER of Contest!

WINNER of Contest DesignModo is @Arilontong, Congratulation! Name: Ari Arsyadi, Freelance Graphic designer from Indonesia!

Ari Arsyadi:
Hi, I am a freelance designer as well as a graphic design lecturer in a college in Indonesia. In my everyday work, I surely need high quality books and these seem like the perfect choice to have. I imagine how easier my design process will become with these books and I will absolutely pass on this news about how important these books to my students and my peers.

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  1. Ari Arsyadi Sep 25, 3:17 am

    Thank you DesignModo. I am sure this book will be highly useful. Best of luck on your website in the future and I hope I can always gain positive insight about design related stuff on this site.


  2. Fandy Sep 25, 11:35 am

    congratulation for the winner!
    Selamat bro Ari :)


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