40 Impressive Email Newsletter Designs for Your Inspiration

Newsletters, as you probably know, are publications about a general main topic, distributed with regularity to its interested subscribers. Most of the times, newsletters are an information providing tool to members, employees or customers, used by various clubs, societies, companies or businesses. But there are some newsletters that are directly sold to the subscribers, used as a money-making opportunity.

One of the most common marketing strategies is keeping your customers interested and sticking to your site by sending them regularly newsletters with the newest events and all the updated available services provided by the organization.

Although there are a lot of companies that send newsletters only because it’s a common thing to do, one can find some that put a great effort in their design and text, as it is a great way of surprising their customers in a pleasant way by luring them with stylish backgrounds, crazy and ingenious logos and appealing ice-breaking greetings to their website at least once a week.

So here are 40 of the most impressive email newsletter designs that I’m sure will get your inspiration flowing and help you with your own newsletter, giving it the proper form and colors in order to send across the right signals and enchant your clients and potential customers.

Email Newsletter Design Examples

Fifty Coins

Whiskey Militia

Team Worx


Nation Toys


Letone email


Art Dcore


Land’s End

Icon inc

Lomography International

Wainwright’s Yard

Robb Report

Ecko Unltd


Dancing Deer


Ballard Designs

Chick Fil A

Wild Thyme

My Publisher

Studio Inform



Protein One



e-Crime Wales Summit

EA Sports

Barnes and Noble

011 email

MailChimp Email Templates

Ford Newsletter

Email Marketing

Malibu Email-Newsletter



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