25+ Free and Premium Email Newsletter Templates and Layouts


In this modern phase of business, newer and more effective marketing strategies are being invented every day. Emails could be a great source of the newer form of marketing. Companies can accrue a good amount of potential business through emails and newsletters.

But often these items are not paid deserved attention as a source of marketing and promotion. However, a little bit of retrospection on this issue can make wonders in the business. Some creative souls have thought about these and come to some great email solutions for companies who want to promote their site as well as their business in a different manner.

These emails have stunning designs and great functionality to make your potential or existing customers aware of your upcoming or latest ventures.

In order to get these emails you don’t need to hire a professional; there are lots of pre-designed email templates and layouts in the market which can be easily availed by the business owners. Both the free and premium versions are there in the open market. You can search in the internet about this, download the best one for your business and use it as a media of promoting your business ideas or upcoming projects for your potential and existing clients.

Email Newsletter Templates and Layouts Attract Clients

These newsletter templates must have exclusivity in design to capture the viewers, but at the same time they must have the power of well written content in a clear manner so that your readers can easily understood your motto of sending the mail to them. That is why both the design and the contents must be catchy and effective in these templates. Make sure that the templates you are buying or using represent your business idea clearly to your clients.

For instance if you have a law firm and want to inform your clients about the introduction of a new section in your company then your email template must have that seriousness of your business, on the other hand if you are the owner of a fashion house and want to invite your customers at the inauguration ceremony of your new fashion store then the email template must have the touch of creativity and style in it.

So, before choosing the email templates and layouts be sure about the actual pattern of your business. This is really very important.

Hence, if you want to bring some kind of difference into your marketing policies and want to impress your clients through your innovativeness then reaching out to them with a fine looking email template can be a great idea.

Premium Email Newsletter Templates

Bruan Email Template

Shop News Email Template

Simple City – Email Template

Mio – Corporate Email Template

Clients Ground – Corporate Flexible E-mail Theme

SmoothDeal E-Mail Template

Quantumleaper – 280 Templates

Sensation Email Template

SmoothMail E-Mail Template

La matineé – email newsletter

My Business – Newsletter with Template Builder


News Event Newsletter – Html and Psd files

Loose Leaf – Newsletter with Template Builder

The Multi Purpose HTML Email Template (48 HTMLS)

Delicious Mail 2

Storesletter HTML email-marketing template to sell

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