Examples of jQuery Sliders in Web Design, Plugins and Tutorials

Today, website developers choose to work with javascript and its very useful frameworks – like jQuery, mototools and others.  This stuff will help your website look more dynamic, plus it helps you organize your pages so that you will have enough space for enough graphics and content at the same time.

When talking about web design elements, one of the trendiest and frequently used element is the slider. If you use it wisely and correctly, it will definitely help you save up space on your website, so that other stuff you want to showcase will still be there, without it looking too crowded.

The other good thing about the slider is that the user can search for information on one page, without having to navigate someplace else by clicking certain images or graphics.

There are tons of stuff you can include in a slider – images, videos, text and other useful content. We have selected some examples of websites that have successfully used sliders in their designs and that look pretty good. Hopefully it will inspire you to do that as well.

jQuery Sliders in Web Design, Plugins and Tutorials

Examples of jQuery Sliders in Web Design

jQuery Sliders Plugins and Tutorials

Create Beautiful jQuery slider tutorial

jQuery Plugin – Feature List

Create an Image Rotator with Description (CSS/jQuery)

Moving Boxes

Using the Wonderful jFlow Plugin

Easy Slider 1.7 – Numeric Navigation jQuery Slider

AnythingSlider jQuery Plugin

Create a Slick and Accessible Slideshow Using jQuery

jQuery Multimedia Portfolio

Slider Gallery

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  1. Hannah Hurst Mar 23, 11:50 am

    A nice collection of jQuery sliders! Some really useful information for someone wanting to learn the possibilities of jQery. Thanks for sharing.

  2. GraphicClouds Sep 7, 7:55 pm

    Would be much better if there will be a link of download))

  3. wd Jun 18, 2:08 pm

    Very nice post. Excellent collection. Sliders play an important role in web designing because, the key to smart Web design is finding an appropriate way to display information and make people stay for a while.Thanks for sharing such a good post.


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