35 Beautiful Examples of Sliders in Web Design

Content Sliders or simply sliders as we call them, have become an almost integral part of web designing. While we all know that the concept of web designing is based on adding an attractive visual effect to the web page, these sliders help a lot in the business. Now, the question is what are these sliders? Content sliders are a set of exceptionally resourceful variety of navigation tools that are utilized to present different types of information (images or pictures, posts or blogs, variety of news as well as information about different types of products and their features) in the web pages.

Various forms of sliders are available to make your web page look more attractive. They range from sliders which automatically present a slideshow to those which get activated through usage of a specific tab or button. The high popularity of the modern web pages and blogs can be attributed to the successful usage of the sliders which act like focal points on the web pages and are indeed one of the smartest ways of online interaction between the users across the globe.

In this article, we will discuss the different types of sliders used. With more and more competition in the virtual world of online business, new designs and concepts of sliders are being innovated every day. There are sliders which contain stylish and gorgeous layouts. The user can navigate through these sliders and change the images by using arrows. Certain sliders contain highly textured backgrounds containing excellent color designs which attract the users easily.

As discussed earlier, apart from the conventional sliders, there are certain sliders that change automatically from one image to another. However, the images in these sliders can also be changed by clicking a tiny button. There are some sliders which present a slide show when activated. These sliders have an extremely beguiling as well as pleasing effect on the user. You can also move from one image to another by simple click of an arrow or tab. Certain sliders contain images or descriptions of painting or drawing, museums and other forms of human craftsmanship. They contain a series of image or information than can be gone through by simple clicks of mouse.

Examples of Sliders in Web Design

Grow Interactive

Mark Dearman


BigEye Creative

Büro Maisengasse

Mathieu Clauss

Elless Design

Marco Rotoli



 Jérôme Détraz



HyperX Media

Doopsuiker Poppies




Malcolm Reading Consultants


Jax Vineyards


 Design Royale

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  1. Rachael Nov 25, 12:55 pm

    I agree with what Matthew said – I think if the rest of the design was poor the sliders would have no impact and be worthless.

    There’s some nice sliders here and others that I think are a bit too much with the rest of the design. Other than being quite a fun idea, the tea round app has a nice slider. The Poppies slider is also nice, but isn’t really anything special when you look at the slider itself – it just blends very well with the rest of the design.


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