20 Websites with Professional Free 3D Models for Download

The online business environment has become highly competitive in the recent years and one should use latest trends and technologies in their websites to make it stand out from others. One of the latest technologies used in the online websites are the 3D modeling and 3D animations which are widely used by millions of people from all over the world.

There are a huge collection of free 3D models available online that can be used to attract the attention of the potential clients and visitors. Since they are very unusual, it tends to impress the viewers at the first sight.

Any website that has a cartoon character or animation to explain about the products and services of the business would be remembered more by the visitors. With a wide variety of 3D tools available, you could design 3D walkthroughs in your website to make it more presentable.

Details About 3D Models

The free 3D models are not only used in web and graphic designing but also used widely in various other fields. Usually the 3d models are divided into shell or boundary and solid. The solid models are quite realistic and used mostly for non visual simulations whereas the shell models are quite easy to work with and are mainly used in video games and movies.

The 3D model technology is also widely used in the field of science and research to generate models of vehicles and structures or for creating building and landscape designs in the field of architecture.

Now-a-days, there is a huge demand for the free 3D models that are available to develop your own creations with the latest techniques and trends. Make sure you choose the best and the quality 3D model for your website from the large collection.

You can also save your budget and time by using these free 3D models. These models have become quite essential in all fields and due to which it has gained significant popularity over the recent years. It is used for creating real life or animated motion pictures in the movie industries and in the medical industry, these models are used for detailing the model of the organs.

Thus, the 3d modeling is an essential component in every field and there are huge numbers of businesses online that use this modeling for improving their products and services.

Free 3D Models for Download


Archibase Planet

Architectural Home Design

3D Warehouse

3D Model Download


Free 3D models


Free 3D Models Collection

Gallery Free 3D Models

Free 3D Models For Interior Design

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  1. Rachael Jan 18, 12:04 pm

    It looks like some of these 3d model sites could be useful, not necessarily with contributing to a design, but I can sometimes struggle to find ‘fake products’ to give an idea to the client as to how their products are going to be displayed.

    Although some of these seem like they draw from the same source, or the same contributors give to many of the websites shown, as I can see bulks of the same images cropping up again and again.

    Thanks for the post, no doubt this will come in handy at some point!


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