Free and Premium CSS/HTML Admin Templates And Skins

There are lots of website templates that you can download for free. Even so, it is not a secret for any developer that it can be very difficult to find a professional high-grade and flexible admin template.

You will also have to pay attention to it being user friendly as this is also pretty important. You can create one on your own, but it will take lots of work and it might end up being time consuming.

Building a Content Management System from scratch can be pretty difficult; moreover, you need to have a nice design and an user friendly admin panel if you are creating it for your client. The good thing is that you can find them for free and make your work process shorter and less time consuming.

If you are looking for a free and highly customizable template that fits for either your CMS backend or for a new project you are working at, then you will undoubtedly find them in this article. It features CSS and HTML admin templates and skins that you can download for free, or buy a premium, and enjoy using them as you wish.

Free Admin Templates And Skins

Steal My Admin Template

Web App Admin Theme

Spring Time – Simple Admin Template

Admin Template For Web Applications

My Ecommerce Admin Template

Adminizio Lite – Admin Template

INADMIN – HTML,CSS & jQuery Admin Panel

Internet Dreams Admin Skin

AdminTheme Ultimate Admin Panel Solution

AdminPraise Lite, Joomla administrator panel template

Premium Admin Templates And Skins

Simpla Admin – Flexible & User Friendly Admin skin

Constellation complete admin skin

Complete Liquid Admin Control Panel

Adminus – Beautiful admin panel interface

Admintasia-Powerful backend admin user interface

Boxie Admin

Profi Admin – Administration for the professionals

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  1. Optimise Web Apr 8, 7:05 pm

    Nice collection of free and premium templates. Admin templates are increasing in popularity with many new web apps. Thanks for compiling the list.

  2. sohbetodalari Jan 7, 6:05 am

    I have to admit this is one of the most unique and good looking free web templates I have ever seen. Just perfect place to get quality design for a small business. We in Norway call it just billig hjemmeside Thanks for sharing.


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