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Vector icons have a major role to play in the entire appearance of an application. They lend an integrated outlook to it. But, the role of these icons as you know is not limited to only this particular aspect. A free vector icon is also meant to communicate to the end user the function behind it. Due to this, it becomes utmost important for you to apply an icon which has good image quality and details.

Shade, light effects, shape and size are the main components of any vector image. And the best part is if you want to modify an image to suit your requirement, you can always do that. Reshaping, resizing, and editing can be easily done on these icons without blurring their quality. Since you can also apply some tricks on them for their better look and feel, it definitely becomes a win-win situation for you.

You can explore the whole range of vector shapes available in a package deal. The packages are theme and style based. You can pick any of them for your personal or commercial use.

Vector Icons Packages

If you want very basic shapes and designs with black and white color schemes, try out the hand-drawn images. These images are offered in JPEG, SVG and AI file formats. Bit advanced from them are the sticker, arrows and common vector images. These also make a good choice for your website and phone applications.

If your requirements are different, you can go with the Illustrator icons which feature Adobe Illustrator tools within, such as pen, eyedropper, pencil, hand, two arrows, brush and magnifying glass.  You can get a good choice of RSS icons as well with wide range of color schemes.

There is a mixed pack of vector images available in blue color scheme. This package comprises radio, scanners, keys, dices, TV, phones, cars, books, laptops, soccer and many other varieties. You can give a thought to these icons if your project so requires.

Other types that can be put to good use in projects include digital equipment vector shapes, badges and trophies, different versions of vector icons, add-on set, office men, ecology icons, social bookmarking images and so on. The list is endless.

If the theme is formal or tech oriented, you can choose from a range of paper icons, USB and Firewire Flash Drive shapes and glass buttons. All these free icon sets are very thoughtfully created and that’s why you can find them quite useful. Many people go for bright, sharp and crisp color and shape combinations to make their application look vibrant. If you want something like this, the choice is again wide open.

Apart from these, a few other varieties that are worth a look include Google Buzz, iCandies, Money Icons, Sweet Icons, Pictograms, Glossy Buttons and many more. Each category has something special to offer you. So don’t miss them. However if you are not sure whether you want free vector icons for your personal or corporate applications or both of them, you can simply skim through the entire range of on-stage packages. They contain wonderful collection of icons perfect for both personal and formal settings.

Choosing an ideal vector icon is not difficult, but sometimes choices spoil us. These free icons are available in so many colors, shapes and themes that you may find it confusing to pick one and say “I am satisfied with this”. And when a handful of them are selected, refine your search by looking for the one that contains all the required details without any exception.

Free Vector Icon Packs

Free Mega Pack Vector Icons Set – 129 Clean Icons

Sociality Lite – Free Social Media Icon Set

Impressionist Icons – Vector Icons Pack

Unicons – Vector Icons Pack

Unicons – Vector Icons Pack

Free Vector Web Icons

Free Vector Social Media Icons Set

“Buddycons” – Vector Social Media Icons

Vector Icons

Pixel UI Icon Set

Micro Icon Set

Glyph UI Icon Set

Free Icons Set


Tabs – Interface Icons for iOS & Designers

WPZOOM Developer Icon Set




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