70 Useful Free Web Design Elements PSD Files for Download

Miniature Progress Bar (PSD)

Review & Rating Stars… (PSD)

Circular Progress Bars (PSD)

Light and Dark Pagination (PSD)

Loupe: Screenshot Magnifying Thingy

Mini Drop-Down Menu (PSD)

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Map Pins & Tooltips (PSD)

Add to Cart Buttons (PSD)

15 shopping icons (Free PSD and PNG)

Dropdown Navigation Bar (Free PSD)

Pricing tables (Free PSD)

Web Elements – set #1 (Free PSD)

Four shaped icons for corporate website (Free PSD)

Set of 20 icons (FREE PNG)

WEB UI Treasure Chest v 1.0

Glossy Web 2.0 Button Set Freebie (PSD)

Impressionist UI - User Interface Pack
Futurico PRO

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  1. Rasmus Willemoes Aug 11, 1:37 am

    Been following along for a while!

    This post is sick awesome!

    I have bookmarked it for future reference! Thank you :)

  2. TimMH Aug 11, 11:42 am

    A genuinely useful collection of great little UI elements.

    Thanks for gathering them all together and sharing them in one place.

    Much appreciated


  3. Creative Designs Aug 12, 3:05 am

    Great resource, something different from other blogs, Bookmarked for my reference. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Asif Aug 14, 1:40 am

    Such an exciting elements for web design.

  5. Green Hat Nov 3, 12:38 pm

    Found some great design stuff on this page. I can’t believe the quality of work out there. Inspired me. Many thanks!

  6. wd Jun 28, 2:26 pm

    Really interesting article. A great collection of web designs are here. These elements are the most important part of any website,and a site is virtually meaningless without it. Thanks for sharing such a good post.


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