Free WordPress Clean & Minimal Themes

In this modern life we are living, colors and shapes rule our world and our demands regarding visual effects are more and more complex. This is great, of course! Nevertheless, there are times when the eye needs a rest from all that explosions of sometimes insignificant details and some find very reassuring the thought that we can still find an oasis of peace and quiet that is called Minimalism. It consists of various movements in different forms of art, design and music, which tend to remove all the superficialities and concentrate on the most fundamental features. An important factor that influenced the minimalist design has been the Japanese traditional design and architecture.

Ok, so clean and minimalsometimes is the best way to be when what you want to say is more important than how you do it. For example, when creating a web page or a blog in which you want the visitors to pay more attention to the content than to the background, colours or other aspects that are visual, the best way to do it is by going with a minimal, simple and clean theme. There is a distinct beauty, grace and elegance in simplicity and minimalism. The architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe stated the unofficial motto for minimalist design, which says that “Less is more.”

One of the CMS that have a lot to offer in this direction is WordPress. It gives you the liberty of building your blog-type sites in just a few clicks and then the opportunity to add functions and features through widgets and plugins. Also, WordPress has various numbers of themes with different styles over the web you can choose from. The great news is that it is enough to have some basic knowledge of WordPress in order to start your own website.

As we were speaking of clean and minimal ways of saying what you have to say to the world, the showcase you are going to see will be about these kinds of WordPress themes. And we will concentrate on the free of charge ones. So here they are, for your inspiration and use: some of the most simple and elegant 17 free clean and minimal WordPress themes that will make you take the readers to the essence of your message, getting rid of unwanted and sometimes confusing and tiresome visual details. Enjoy!

Free WordPress Clean & Minimal Themes

AyoShop – Responsive eCommerce Child Theme

Modern Theme

Contemporary Theme

Studio Dessign Theme

Minimal Dessign Theme

Swiss Dessign Theme

Style Dessign Theme



Structure Theme



Startup Framework for WordPress

Business WordPress Theme

Startup Framework for WordPress is a new powerful theme, which will help you create websites in an easy and intuitive way. It’s not an ordinary WordPress theme, it is a mix of the most advanced front-end tool working with the most popular CMS in the world.

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  1. sarah Jun 2, 12:52 am

    Nice list :)
    Can you add my Beauty & Clean, if you like it?

  2. Dustin Jun 2, 5:49 pm

    boring… They all look too similar. I know it’s supposed to be “clean & minimal” but black & white is not the standard.

  3. Peter Jun 3, 10:06 am

    That’s kind of a misleading title. FolioGrid isn’t free at all. It’s not an expensive theme for the quality, but not free.

    • Peter Jun 3, 10:32 am

      In the meantime I’ve taken a look at some of the others (FolioGrid was one that immediately drew my attention) and there are some nice ones in there (and all free). So if you can replace FolioGrid you’ll turn a good post in something even better :)

      • Marios Jun 3, 3:49 pm

        Peter, FolioGrid used to be free but now its a premium theme, but If you search for “foliogrid free”, you will still find the free version online, just in case you want to use it,


  4. melanie Nov 12, 5:16 am

    i will use it for my sister’s blog. :)
    thank you for sharing this.


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