Funny and Creative Wall Stickers

There is nothing more pleasant than a comfortable home and a favorite room, where you can just rest and forget about everything; a room where you can meditate and be creative. The way a person decorates the house says a lot about him/her.

In my opinion creative room decorations trigger creative ideas. Just some special colors that you see in your room can make feel comfortable or get your imagination go wild. Another thing to consider are wall stickers.

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These are also pretty fun and can really change the aspect of a room. Whether it’s an abstract design, typography, cartoons or images inspired by nature – all of them are pretty cool.

Check out this selection of wall stickers that we are sure you’ll love. We think they are pretty inspiring, how about you? Check out UPrinting for all your sticker printing and other online printing requirements.

Wall Stickers

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  1. Igor Ovsyannykov May 10, 8:43 pm

    Haha, these are awesome! I love the one right next to the light switch on the orange wall. Each time I would turn it on, It would make me smile.

  2. TimMH May 12, 3:14 pm

    Wow… some very cool stickers here, really like the fish shoal spiral and some of the Mouse hole designs, very clever… Would love some inn our office. :o)

  3. Isabelle May 13, 10:56 pm

    Ho wow!! Some of them are really cool!! Particularly love the monsters (the big hairy one on the red wall is great!) And the suspend ones makes me think of the World of Goo…. nice graphics!

  4. Liz Jun 1, 8:12 pm

    Love those examples! Interesting way to spruce up a space.

  5. Freebie Jul 3, 12:09 am

    The fingerprint is pretty cool. Can I get my own fingerprint turned into a sticker I wonder?

  6. Tim Hancock Jun 28, 3:28 am

    Do YOU have any kind of (Oriental)/(Chinese) Design,(Dragon, etc)that can be used for a wall that is on a slant…(Wall going down to the basement)??



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