20+ Free Geometric Sans-Serif Fonts

Any graphic or web designers usually uses typography to convey messages to the customers or the visitors. The fonts and the typefaces are described as a style of the lettering which is used for communication. One of the most common font types used in the field of digital publishing is the Sans-Serif which is easily read and understood on a computer. Designers usually use this font in the headings or the headlines since it does not have the embellishment at the end of every letter in a word. This font type is further classified into geometric, humanist, grotesque and neo-grotesque.

The Geometric Sans-Serif fonts include the Spartan or the Futura, Century Gothic and ITC Avant Garde fonts. As the name indicates, the shapes of the Sans-Serif typefaces are in geometric and it also gives an elegant and a modern look to the letters. Because of this reason, these fonts are widely used for headings of contemporary design projects and are least used in body texts. There are several collections of Sans-Serif Fonts available online, out of which you could choose the best one needed for your project. Since these types of fonts are quite legible even on low-resolution computers, it is widely used in web designing projects.

In case, your content needs just a casual look and not very formal or if there are any short pieces of text, you could use the geometric Sans-Serif font. They are widely used by people using computer because of their distinct visual appeal and the typical black color. Any web designer needs to first understand the role and the use of typography in the web designing. Even a normal piece of art would look great and attractive when there is a right usage of proper typography. Depending on the customer or the client requirements, you could choose the font types.

Always remember, the right font or the typeface given to the brand name or the logo of a company, depends largely on the visual appearance and the corporate identity. These fonts are more professional and clean and it attracts the visitors with its elegant and modern look. Make sure the fonts you choose makes the website more user-friendly and is also safe for viewing the content appropriately.

Free Sans-Serif Fonts




Waukegan LDO







Singula Compressed

Champagne & Limousines

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