Great Collection of Free Photoshop Layer Styles

They decided to change the design of their logo in order for it to look more up to date. I am talking about Apple’s actual logo. They went from a plain black logo to a sophisticated one by using a silver gradient which made it look more up to date with their technologies. A gradient can really add more style to a design, whether it’s about creating logos, fonts or different menu buttons and such.

You can do all that by trying Photoshop layer styles. These are special effects that can be easily applied on different layers in Photoshop in order to change their appearance. You can find some that are installed in any version of Photoshop by default, but if you don’t really dig them, you can download tons of other layer styles from the Internet.

They are really useful and will save you some valuable time in creating good designs. Plus the created effects can be easily adjusted in order for you to get the desired result.

We have collected some sets of Photoshop layer styles that we found on the Internet. See them yourself.

Free Photoshop Layer Styles

Chameleon style

Vintage Gradients

Apple Gradients

iPhone Gradients Set for Photoshop

Soft Gradients

Kip Gradients

BOLD gradient pack

Gradients pack 2

Amazing Free Photoshop Layer Styles

Ultimate Web 2.0 Gradients

Web 2.0 Photoshop gradients

Web 2.0 Layer Effects

Adobe CS3 Gradients

Shattereds Gradients

Pastel Shattereds Gradients

Spice up your design with 56 Photoshop layer styles

.::Gradients v.1::. Insane

FREE Jelly Glossy PS Styles

Letterpress photoshop layer style

Styles 03

Web 2.0 Styles

Photoshop Style Ver. 1.2

Photoshop Style Ver. 1.3

Photoshop Style Ver. 1.4

Leather styles

Free Photoshop Styles

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  1. chris May 4, 10:44 pm

    Fabulous collection. Thanks for your hard work and effort.
    What would be even more fantastic was if there was a download zip file at the end of the article.

  2. Reshmi May 5, 8:02 am

    Some great collection of of photoshop layers here. It is worth visiting the blog. I like to use and enjoy. Thanks for sharing the cool stuff.

  3. Igor Ovsyannykov May 5, 1:22 pm

    Gosh, there are some many resources! Thank for collecting all of these conveniently all in one place. I will retweet this resource and share it with my followers! Keep up the great blog!

  4. Sutsurikeru May 5, 3:12 pm

    Just grabbed Letterpress photoshop layer style, excellent find!

  5. Toni May 9, 10:29 am

    Thank you very much for resources, which are very useful. Health.

  6. risaikurutona- Jul 24, 5:27 am

    I’m going to start to learn Photoshop. I saw and thought while I want to be like that can make a beautiful picture like this. You are a very good image. Thank you.

  7. Chris Matthews Aug 26, 11:31 pm

    :-( It seems there is no link to the leather styles. Otherwise, fantastic resources. Thanks!

  8. Matt Sep 21, 6:32 pm

    Great collection of free phptoshop layer styles. I also agree with Chris there is no link to the leather style. Thanks again for great post.


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