Harvest Contest: Win 2 Free 1 Year Subscriptions! WINNERS!

Today we have yet another cool contest and we thought this is something all our visitors might be interested. GetHarvest.com is giving away 2 free 1 year subscriptions to DesignModo readers.

How to win?

Tweet: “If I had @harvest, I’d never have to (BLANK) again.

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Entrants simply need to fill in the (BLANK) and tweet the above. We’ll accept entries up to a week after the initial tweet and pick 2 of the most creative tweets.

Harvest Contest: Win 2 Free 1 Year Subscriptions!Harvest is a web-based simple time tracking and fast invoicing solution. It is used by freelance designers in over 100 countries worldwide. Track time with one-click and bill your hours in less than a minute.

This competition will run for the next 7 days. The winners (2) will be informed directly after the competition ends via Twitter.

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The contest will end: January 13, 2011.


If I had @harvest, I’d never have to worry about tracking my hours when travelling 2000 miles and staying in 7 different hotel rooms again

If I had @harvest, I’d never have to use an hour glass and carrier pigeons for time tracking and invoicing again.

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  1. ruskul Jan 6, 1:26 am

    great contest guys! thanks

  2. Josh Jan 6, 1:28 am

    Hey! very creative contest :) good luck freelancers!

  3. bused Jan 6, 9:19 am

    Wonderful creative suggestions for social media.

  4. TMSocks Jan 6, 11:40 am

    Nice contest bro.. wanna participate in this..Sounds like a great tool, I’ve tried other time-tracking tool but none as full of functions as this one.

  5. Hannah Hurst Jan 7, 1:03 am

    This sounds like a good contest! I think I might just tweet something for this :-)


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