Useful HTML5 Boilerplate Templates and Tutorials

Roots WordPress Theme

HTML5 Boilerplate Tutorials

The Official Guide to HTML5 Boilerplate

Automated Optimization with HTML5 Boilerplate Build

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HTML5 Boilerplates

The real HTML5 boilerplate

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20 Snippets You should be using from Html5 Boilerplate

How to use FlexSlider with HTML5 Boilerplate, Initializr

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  1. Bjarni Wark Jun 4, 9:29 am

    I have used HTML5 Reset before and it was handy and helpful.

  2. Prashant Jun 6, 9:01 am

    Nice Article :). Never knew that Boilerplate had so many versions/templates :D

  3. Paul Jun 9, 12:00 pm

    Only used HTML5 boilerplate before what other ones do you recommend?


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