Free and Premium HTML5/CSS3 Website Templates and Layouts

Now-a-days, most of the web designers rely on the HTML5 or CSS3 for designing websites. The upgraded version provides clean and simple templates and layouts that are quite helpful for the designers. The HTML5 is the latest and the advanced version of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) that is quite compatible with most of the browsers. It has become significantly popular among the latest web designers since it offers quite a few incredible new features. There are some of the best HTML5 and CSS3 website templates and layouts offered online which could be very effective and easy to understand.

It is quite easy to understand the syntax of HTML5 and it greatly assists in building professional websites by providing some easy-to-edit options. There are also numerous HTML5 and CSS3 tutorials available for the web designers to understand the applications in order to make use of the templates and layouts for their projects. Using the CSS technology, the CSS3 templates are designed and it easily enables the users to style and format the web pages. CSS3 is compatible with all browsers and offers some great features. By using the HTML5 or the CSS3 templates or the layouts, you can give your an amazingly professional look to your website.

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These layouts and templates are tested on numerous platforms and thus it guarantees superior quality and performance. CSS could be one of the best and the most convenient way to develop a default font style for your HTML. The coding also becomes much easier and there is no need of formatting tags repeatedly. There is a reduced bandwidth usage and also has faster download options because of the advanced coding system.

Easy accessibility, flexibility and the design possibilities make the HTML5 templates an ideal solution for the business. There is no need of using any tools while you are establishing or creating a website using the HTML5 and the CSS3. With the help of these templates and layouts, there is also an option to develop or create a website even without connecting to the internet. Both these technologies have taken an important position in the web development industry over the last few years and there are several web designers who are coming up with unique HTML5 and CSS3 templates and layouts online.

Free HTML5/CSS3 Website Templates

Free HMTL5/CSS3 Template

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Minimalism HTML5 and CSS3 Template

Free Single-Page HTML5 Portfolio Template

Nova HTML template

Shinra HTML template

iPhone Application Template

Premium HTML5/CSS3 Website Templates

App Website

Free HTML5 Website Templates

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Deal Website

Deal Website

First Page

First Page

Landing Page

Landing Page

Video website

Video Website

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  1. Cosmin Feb 24, 10:30 pm

    Time is not on my side right now, but I couldn’t stop myself to take a bite of these brilliant HTML5 and CSS3 artworks. Neutron has a pretty neat slider animation and Quickr is indeed fast and minimalist which I like very much. Thank you, Adrian! Awesome article, as always!

  2. sean Apr 18, 4:50 pm

    how do i get the contact page to work. Like where do i change the email address so i can receive the emails.


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