20+ Professional Examples of Websites Using HTML5

This Shell by the Gamits


Every Pixel Counts

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FreeAgent Depot

New Zealand 100% Pure

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Diablo Media

SF Dok



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  1. Philip Dec 13, 2:25 am

    Very nice, hope to see more HTML5 sites soon! One thing to note, about 30% don’t work very well on an iPad…

    • Android Dec 22, 3:57 pm

      I love it. Everybody buy an Ipad. Way of the future…. yeah, bullshit. good for three things only. HTML5 was one of them. Good Night.

  2. Rachael Dec 13, 11:55 am

    A nice collection, there’s definitely a growing trend into parallax sites, which I like because they usually feel like something new. I like the diablo media example, I think a lot of the parallax sites take the more fun and animated approach but this one demonstrates a more simple corporate style. I also like the movement on the 360Langstrasse site, it doesn’t skip through the it moves seamlessly.

  3. Freza Mar 23, 12:57 pm

    HTML5 used for online text editing provides new opportunities. Zou can see it under html5.teamlab.com

  4. daniel Apr 27, 3:07 pm

    You should of also listed http://www.picwizz.com. That image hostign website is using the new html5 multiple uploader.

  5. Pete N May 11, 10:00 pm

    I have to say from what i have seen so far looking at HTML5 web sites only they are all rather Hummmmmmmmmm Unimpressive to put it mildly , Looking around for ideas for a revamp of the clubs web site and if that is what 5 has to offer then thanks but no thanks .

    It makes site design no better it has removed some very usefull options all in all not at all impressed

  6. Rud May 21, 5:04 pm

    Almost all of these sites don’t work when javascript is disable… Whats the point of a HTML5 web-site then?

  7. S31 Jun 12, 12:24 pm

    leroy: While HTML5 is definitely not a programming language (it’s a markup language for Web publishing), JavaScript is very much a programming language, albeit an interpreted (as opposed to compiled-to-binary) language, since the developer writes instructions that are executed. All varieties of HTML are only used to conform displayable objects within a Web browser interface, on the other hand, as you so correctly noted.

    Rud: HTML5 offers functionality that, in at least many cases (all I’ve seen so far), requires some type of client-side scripting to interact with DOM objects. Whether one uses LocalStorage or WebSockets or what-have-you, JS and its ilk will be required. If you want to design a Web site that does not require scripting, HTML5 is less important, and PHP, ASP.NET and so forth will be the technologies you’ll want to choose. I choose to design my Web sites without required scripting, and then add scripted commands to spics things up a bit for the end-user.

    Any site requiring JavaScript for operations that could simply execute on the server is just bloat to me.

  8. Jim Sep 26, 12:06 am

    If you do a Globalogiq html code search for “<!DOCTYPE HTML>” you can find tons of sites that are using html5.


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