Showcase of Inspirational iOS 7 Concepts

Recently we have started animated discussion about new iOS 7 interface, carefully considering new Apple look and providing our users with valuable components for creating brand new templates. So it is time to pay attention to those who keep theirs spirit up and don’t sit back, still believing in power, sophistication and perfectionism of Apple products. Those, who insatiable offer various iOS 7 interface concepts, mainly based on refined flat style and vivid colors.

Today we are going to showcase adorable redesigns of iOS 7 icons, lock screens, control centers as well check out various polished app interfaces that were inspired by Apple’s new aesthetics.

iOS 7 icons redesign by Ida Swarczewskaja has neat and organized appearance. Vector icons look crisp and polished.

iOS 7 icons redesign by Ida Swarczewskaja

iOS 7 Lock screen – Redesign by Mariusz instantly grabs users’ attention through its elegant look. Beautiful bokeh themed background nicely complements outline graphics and slightly transparent glyphs.

iOS7 Lock screen - Redesign by Mariusz

iOS 7 icons by Alexandr Nohrin is a great take on redesigning essential icons. Majority of them has got its own approach and eye-catching look.

iOS 7 icons by Alexandr Nohrin

iOS 7 Concept by Alex Martinov exhibits sophisticated home screen template with new improved icons. The latter have subtle shadows that help graphics to nicely stand out.

iOS 7 Concept by Alex Martinov

iOS 7 – Redesign by Dmitry Kovalenko fascinates with polished refined appearance. Designer follows new Apple guidelines and recreates enhanced outward for each icon.

iOS 7 - Redesign by Dmitry Kovalenko

iOS 7 Imagined by Tiny Team is a conceptual reflection on offbeat combination of iOS 7 and metro 8 style, featuring various app modes and visually appealing color distinction.

iOS7 Imagined by Tiny Team

iOS 7 flat design by Ilya Karpov is another modern take on flat style. Although, the upper part of the icon is plane, it has obvious 3-dimensional touch due to fatty bottom border.

iOS 7 flat design by Ilya Karpov

iOS-7 Redesign by Isis Marques is guided by 4 main aspects: circles, lines, few colors and simplicity. As a result, interface has got exceptional offbeat appearance which is spiced up with truly unconventional icons.

iOS-7 Redesign by Isis Marques

iOS 7 Control Center Redesign by Sam Nissinen demonstrates beautiful refined command centre. Semi-transparent light background, injections of vivid green color and subtle graphics add to interface style and attractiveness.

iOS 7 Control Center Redesign by Sam Nissinen

iOS 7 Keypad Redesign by Charles Patterson is based on minimal approach, including clean smooth shapes, ultra-narrow type, a lot of free space and clean tab bar icons.

iOS7 Keypad Redesign by Charles Patterson

iOS 7 BKNY mod by Xander Vinogradov is defined by classic black-and-white color palette that gives interface unique unconventional appearance. Neat, flat, outline, white icons set on dark background definitely looks fresh and exquisite.

iOS7 BKNY mod by Xander Vinogradov

Smart washer app UI by Hyelim Choi is also inspired by simplicity and flatness of iOS 7. Heavily blurred, bokeh background, slightly transparent blocks and regular white type make project look polished and refined.

Smart washer app UI by Hyelim Choi

Skype Redesign iOS 7 by Tadas Jotkevicius is a refreshing take on a Skype app interface, which fits perfectly into the concept of the new OS, capably utilizing brand blue colors, bokeh touch and plane graphics.

Skype Redesign iOS7 by Tadas Jotkevicius

iOS 7: Just a concept by Peyman Eskandari showcases redesigned lock screen that provides users with fast access to essential functions. All in all, interface looks spacious mainly due to lack of embellishments.

Lock Screen by Peyman Eskandari

Photo Gallery Concept by AlHasan AlDasooqi is a clean, grid-based concept of a standard photo gallery, inspired by new iOS and vibrant colors of Metro 8.

Photo Gallery Concept by AlHasan AlDasooqi

Music player iOS 7 Style by Alex Bender also has sophisticated flat vibe. Habitual, stripe layout keeps things organized and open. Translucent command panel in conjunction with plane controllers beautifully complements the whole design.

Music player iOS 7 Style by Alex Bender

Social Feed (iOS 7) by Dash features updated social feed widget that leverages amazing subtle, gradient themed background and sliding panels with nice transition. Light white type, used in menu, harmoniously stands out in a background.

Social Feed (iOS7) by Dash

iOS 7 AirDrop/Share Redesign by Zane David skillfully gives new interface its own personal touch. Designer doesn’t include bokeh or gradient effect; instead he employs solid color background, calming colors, clean smooth icons and circular shapes.

Share Redesign by Zane David

iOS 7 Concept by Ariel Verber ably leverages dark saturated colors that wonderfully interact with each other. Although, icons got flatter look they still have a third dimensional feeling.

Ios7 Concept by Ariel Verber

Notes iOS 7 (wip) by Luboš Volkov portrays notes concept with a sharp contrast between backgrounds. Designer beautifully utilizes side menu and blurred background.

Notes iOS7 (wip) by Lubos Volkov

Instagram iOS 7 by ididi is another creative exploration in trendy flat style. Slightly transparent title bar, regular font and white content background do not distract attention from photo.

Instagram iOS7 by ididi

iOS 7 Reimagined by Tristan Edwards is a concept that definitely worth considering. Designer offers alternative variants of various iOS 7 interfaces that radiate with elegance and neatness.

iOS 7 Reimagined by Tristan Edwards

iOS 7 Control Center Redesign by Michael Boswell utilizes vibrant bluish glossy background that easily sets apart essential controllers, made in a simple white color.

iOS7 Control Center Redesign by Michael Boswell

iOS 7 – Dark Theme by Huig van der Waal does a good job of recreating a truly uncluttered design. Interface looks minimal and enormously refreshing.

Dark Theme by Huig van der Waal

iOS 7 Concept by mcase offers its own fantastic set of standard icons with a subtle gradients and soft shadows.

IOS 7 Concept by mcase

iOS 7 Redesign by Mayer – Although Mayer’s work is based on neon colored gradient background of current OS, its pack of icons looks polished and thoroughly revised.

iOS 7 Redesign by Mayer

Instasave iPhone App by chirag dave – uijunction has been developed for photoholics. Exquisite side menu and dark, gradient themed background lovely collaborate with each other.

Instasave iPhone App by chirag dave - uijunction

iPhone Discovery Interface by Eric Hoffman has wonderful glossy vibe with a bunch of high-quality photos. Navigation panel, tab bar, as well as typography look simply amazing.

iPhone Discovery Interface by Eric Hoffman


Without a doubt iOS 7 caused a huge furor in a design community, although you can’t say for sure that it was met with fully positive reaction from designers. As always, there are those who criticize and stay dissatisfied, and those who believe in the best. The only thing that is certain is that the beta version of iOS 7 has provoked a great deal of talented designers into creation of ambitious concepts of basic icons and interfaces.

Share with us your opinion. What do you think about iOS 7 redesign? Do you like it or not? Give your reasons.

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  1. Darius Jul 1, 1:00 pm

    In most cases there is obvious sign that most designers have no clue what usability means. They just pixel peep shiny stuff without thinking that someone will actually will have to use it.

  2. Eddy Jul 1, 1:47 pm

    It’s sad that almost all of these look much better than the actual iOS 7 icons. I hope Apple gets some inspiration from all of these and makes a few changes.

    • Eugene Jul 11, 12:52 pm

      I think this was their strategy from the very beginning, that designers from all over the world will critique and make the work for them. So when they make the update it’s clean and according to the best designs…

  3. Hemachandran Jul 1, 3:44 pm

    Awesome, Colors are very cool, soft.

  4. kat Jul 1, 4:29 pm

    It’s so beautiful… like looking into the future…

  5. Raaj Trambadia Jul 1, 5:28 pm

    Apple needs to see this. Their default style needs to change by far. So what if this was just created by artists? Apple has all the abilities to make much better stuff than this great stuff out here.

  6. Charles Patterson Jul 1, 9:56 pm

    Ahh thanks for featuring my work on here! That’s so cool :D

    • meighily bebe Jan 20, 10:53 pm

      your work is very beautiful . that keyboard oh my lord . Apple needs to see this right now and make a change.

      • Charles Patterson Jan 21, 3:09 pm

        Haa! Thanks for the kind comment! I’ll be there soon hopefully ;)

  7. Alex Jul 2, 3:43 am

    Too many of those are way better than the actual design.


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