30 Examples of iPhone and iPad App Interface Design

In today’s modern word driven by technology, the mobile phone industry is completely revolutionized with the advent of iPhone and iPad. The outstanding and cool interface designs available with these applications allow the users to easily customize or create their own designs.

iPhone platform is quite popular among the internet users since it allows them to develop app designs even with very little knowledge of programming.

There are numerous categories and templates available with iPhone which enables the users to customize their own designs depending on their requirements. Website plays an essential role in improving the productivity of a business and the iPhone and iPad applications greatly influences the growth of the mobile industry.

Reasons to choose iPad for creating app designs:

  • Offline data – The iPad application works perfectly offline and there is no necessity for updating large files or videos each time. It is perfect for showcasing business presentations and is allowed to host numerous web apps.
  • Location-Specific Services – Using the iPad web apps, one can monetize features like geo-advertising, geo-social or geo-tagging and also analyze and save geographical information.
  • Social Sharing – In order to enhance your business requirements, you can make several social interactions using the iPad web apps. The various social features offered are GPS, photos, calendar, IM and video conference which can make your social life vibrant.
  • Tablet Commerce – This feature allows the buyers to view complete catalogue of products and enables them to buy or sell the products effectively. The ipad web apps help the users to personalize and manage their products over the internet which in turn enhances their mobile experience.
  • Push Notifications – It is a powerful tool that allows the users integrate push notifications with the iPad web apps with an easy-to-control list.

The various tools and techniques used in the ipad web apps allow the users to create website with beautiful layouts, pinch-to-zoom features, along with portrait and landscape modes.

iPhone are turning smarter day by day since the web app designs could be easily downloaded from the iTunes store. By using this application, not only does your website look attractive but also the content part becomes quite informative since every element of this app is perfect. There are certain applications in iPhone that can greatly help the web designers to complete their work quickly and easily such as:

  1. iMy – This application has an interface design which makes the task easier for the web designers. Even complex queries can be resolved without using the keyboard and it mainly works as a MySQL for an iPhone.
  2. FontShuffle – Internet users who have problem with typography can use iPhone application which consists of more than 650 font families. You need not possess type design knowledge to access these typefaces and can view about 24 types of faces in a single list.
  3. Color Expert – This iPhone application enables the website designers to create a perfect color scheme and also makes the work like translation, identification and capturing of color easy for the designers. You can also choose the pallets that match your requirements.
  4. Jobs – One of the best iPhone applications that allow the users to track the time allotted for completing a work. It is quite useful in billing or scheduling the projects undertaken by website designers.
  5. IBlueSky – This application offers brain-storming and mind-mapping solutions that can be easily collected and organized in PDF or PNG format.
  6. Brushes – This application has prominent features designed especially for iPhone and iPad which include large varieties of realistic brushes with effective features.

iPhone and iPad App Interface Design Examples

Device Dashboard – iPad – UI/UX/iOS

Calendar Screen (iPad App UX/UI)

Simple Bookie App

Getbelongings ipad app

Swiss newspaper reader app for iPad – UI/UX/iOS

Facebook Concept based on Pandora UI

Insurance iPad App

Sample (Example) iPad App Design

iPad Profile Interface

Pandora UI for iOS Devices – Sample Elements

iPad App Design

Photoalbum’s controls for UI iPad

Hosting Admin Panel Interface – iPad App

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