The Comprehensive Izzonet Ecommerce Solution Review


If you are looking for full control over your online store and 100 percent user-friendly administrative tools, Izzonet is the right ecommerce platform for your needs. This solution is equally suitable for beginners in the realm of ecommerce and for people that are looking forward to the development of a more complex project.

The history of the company begins about a decade ago. Today, Izzonet builds upon its traditions and constantly strives for innovative approaches to the realm of online store creation. The following review will get you acquainted with the features of the ecommerce software and with everything you can expect from the platform.

Main Ecommerce Software Features

Ecommerce Software Features

Izzonet offers a number of specialized ecommerce software packages. All of them include the basic features needed for the successful running of an online store. The plans for professionals add a number of functionalities that are needed for the development of a large scale project.

The most important features you will be getting out of the Izzonet ecommerce solution include:

  • Unlimited widgets for website customization.
  • Large set of professional ecommerce website templates.
  • The ability to fully customize these templates through access to the work files.
  • Drag and drop interface for easy edits.
  • Unlimited product customization fields.
  • The ability to sell digital products.
  • Free pictures for professional store display.
  • Numerous product display options.
  • Supplies Relationship Management (SRM) system.
  • Shipping tracking features.
  • Quick data import from another platform or database.
  • Innovative anti-fraud and security features.
  • Brand management.
  • Multiple levels of access and login options.
  • Professional e-mail services.
  • Secure hosting of your online store.’
  • Bulk selling.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Search engine optimization tools.
  • Mobile store application.
  • Numerous marketing opportunities, including coupons and SMS messaging.
  • Reliable customer support.

Website Design and Customization

Website Design and Customization

The setting up of an Izzonet store starts with a registration and a 15-day trial version. The control panel you will be taken to features six basic steps that are needed for the successful creation of your website. In case you are experiencing difficulties, you can use the live chat tool to contact the support team and to get your answers.

Your first step will be choosing the right design. Izzonet provides dozens of templates to choose among. All of these focus on the hierarchy of structure and the impressive visual impact needed to set an online store apart from the competition.

It is important to point out that the design template you select can be customized even further to correspond to your corporate identity and to provide unprecedented levels of uniqueness. Izzonet gives you full access to the work files and you can tweak those in any way deemed appropriate.

Once you enter the drag and drop mode, you will get a chance to do some more edits that involve no modification of code. The drag and drop editing mode allows you to change the places of widgets and design components both on the home page and the inner pages of your website.

Product Upload and Inventory Management Options

Product Upload and Inventory Management Options

As already mentioned, Izzonet provides unlimited number of fields for product description uploads. You can enter all the necessary information, as well as the numerical values needed for the tracking and management of your inventory.

Product management can next take place on the basis of category, brand and type. The administrative panel is also equipped with an easily accessible Reports category, where you will receive complete information about product performance, the manner in which a specific campaign is unfolding and your interactions with suppliers.

When it comes to orders and the shopping cart features, you will be benefiting from a number of additional useful features.

The shopping cart brags easy product comparison, the ability of customers to purchase and download digital products, gift wrapping and multiple currencies options. Once the order is placed, you will view the details in the administrative panel and decide whether you want to introduce changes to the billing or shipping details.

SEO and Social Media Integration

SEO and Social Media Integration

In 2012, Izzonet announced the introduction of HTML 5 and mobile stores. Both of these innovations play vital importance for the good search engine positioning. HTML 5 loads faster than previous versions, a factor that plays SEO role. Mobile integration has become just as important because the number of people accessing websites from mobile devices is on the rise.

Several other SEO features that Izzonet provides and that you need to keep in mind include the SEO Specialist service, SEO Analytics Review and the meta tags in the product descriptions.

When it comes to social media marketing and integration, Izzonet ranks among the frontrunners. You will benefit from the chance to create a Facebook store and you will also encourage website visitors to share content in social networks through the selection of the right SMM widgets.

Website and Product Marketing

Website and Product Marketing

Even if you have the most innovative and richest of stores, you will be incapable of making it through without marketing. The availability of the right advertising features will give your project the boost that is needed to get it going.

Izzonet does a great job at bringing together diversified online marketing features.

Online and printable coupons have long been an efficient promotional tool and you will be capable of designing your own.

The landing page generator is another tool determining for the successful execution of a marketing campaign. The manner in which a landing page provokes response from a website visitor will either make the person explore more or leave immediately.

Additionally, you will get to generate your SMS marketing campaigns or promotional newsletters, to communicate with customers via live chat and to integrate your store with eBay and Amazon for even higher popularity.


An online store will get its loyal audience if it offers a high quality service and if it is 100 percent safe. Although online shopping is becoming increasingly popular, many people are still having doubts about the security of such financial operations.

Izzonet does a great job at guaranteeing the security of personal and highly sensitive financial information.

Izzonet provides SSL security hosting and an innovative anti-fraud feature in a number of the plans. The secure checkout is also going to benefit your clients and increase the trustworthiness of your website.

Customer Support

Customer Support

Customer support becomes available, as soon as you get started with the setting up of your online store. Apart from the live chat that Izzonet has available, you will also benefit from detailed explanations and tips for each of the features provided in the administrative panel.

Izzonet clients can also contact the support team anytime through e-mail, telephone or chat.

The Izzonet guides will take you through all the important steps of successful store creation and management. Each how-to guide lists the essential steps and provides diagrams and visuals needed to facilitate the learning process.

Prices and Plans

Izzonet has a 15-day free trial version that you can use to assess the platform’s characteristics and to decide which of the plans that the ecommerce software offers is the right one for you.

You can choose among a Gold, a Business, a Platinum, a Diamond and an Izz’R’Best packages. The Gold plan is available at 19.97 dollars per month. It is suitable for a small online store because it offers 100MB of image hosting space, basic order management, secure hosting and newsletter creation.

The Izz’R’Best plan is the most comprehensive one. Its value of 299.97 dollars per month will give you access to the complete set of Izzonet features listed in this review.

Summary and Ecommerce Solution Rating

Summary and Ecommerce Solution Rating

Izzonet is right for everyone. It will be very suitable for people who are just getting started in the realm of ecommerce because of its user-friendliness and intuitive features. It will also be perfect for pros looking for an all-encompassing solution.

The biggest advantages of Izzonet that set the platform apart from the competition include:

  • Professional templates and the ability to customize all the characteristics.
  • Intuitive administrative panel and drag and drop editing mode.
  • Easy product uploads and inventory management.
  • Full reports for better accountability.
  • Highly innovative social media integration and SEO features.
  • A medley of marketing tools available in all of the packages.
  • Dedicated and knowledgeable customer support.
  • Guaranteed website security and uptime because of the Izzonet hosting.
  • Access to support resources.

Izzonet is acknowledged as a market leader for a reason. This is one of the most flexible hosted ecommerce solutions. The fact that you get to try it for 15 days before making up your mind is another tremendous advantage that will help you make an informed decision for the development of your web-based business.

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  1. mosarof Jun 30, 11:00 am

    Navigate to the ‘sending’-tab. Don’t let the ‘Advanced Sending Options’ header scare you, and click on ‘Auto responders’. These are terms that stand for emails that are automatically sent out at a certain time scheduled earlier.

  2. Dima Aug 5, 4:29 pm

    The Izzonet control panel looks completely different. I think it’s a lot better now…

  3. Davis Apr 16, 4:16 pm

    I think Izzonet finally close.

    No more access since this morning April 15 2013


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