The Art of Jerico Santander

Since the pre-historic times human beings have shown their interest in paintings and art. Numerous cave paintings fascinates us and the use of biological colors, which still have remained bright, makes us to conjecture about the skills and knowledge of these Early Men. Since then with the passage of time art has reached its culminating heights. During the Renaissance in Europe, art and its form changed from drastically from spirituality to humanism. Great masters of art like Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael or Michelangelo experimented with various styles and created some of the best masterpieces.

Today, art has become more experimental and creative. The blending of technology and creativity has gifted the world an altogether new form and that is digital art. The horizon between reality and virtual reality has been very effectively reflected in digital art.

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Among so many exponents of digital art, Jerico Santander stands apart with his splendid creativity and abstract idea. Born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, Jerico, works as freelancer or on long tem contracts. His illustrations and digital art represents a world where fantasy and dreams abode.

Since his childhood, Jerico developed a knack in drawing and slowly this became his hobby and an integral part of his life. As time passed he became more and more interested in art and its various forms. In 2003, having watched his cousin working on computers creating Flash sites, Jerico started experimenting his ideas on computer using Photoshop with Flash creating abstract illustrations, animated sites and other impressive images. Soon he was attracted by the creative works of Jens Karlsson and Mike Young. As he realized the essence of artistic combinations, salient features of color combinations, his creations became more attractive and appealing.

Jerico is a master in 3D form of art too. His creations with use of shadows take us to the world of fantasy and thoughts.  His paintings are much similar to that of Salvador Dali and are very colorful. The paintings combine landscapes, animals and bodies making them truly innovative and artistic. His works are just like poems giving some deeper message to the world. The paintings are no doubt Surrealistic. His inspirations other than Dali include English illustrator Storm Thorgerson and Polish artist Peter Jaworowski.

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Today Jerico Santander lives in Madrid and is engaged in his creations. His works have been highly acclaimed in the internet and by critics. His virtual world shows us a dream and forces us to believe that we may live a better life in fantasy land where everything is possible and specially the impossible ones!


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  1. Annamarie Jul 15, 7:33 pm

    This outstanding artwork intertwines the entire universe; thank you so much, Bravo!!!!!!

  2. Nathan McDowell Jul 19, 6:37 pm

    The gerbils playing Russian roulette brought a massive grin to my face, the rest of the work is amazing btw :D


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