Free jQuery Content Slider Scripts and Tutorials

Premium jQuery Content Slider Scripts and Tutorials

jQuery Image Gallery and Slideshow – TN3 Gallery

This premium component unites functional of image gallery and slideshow that are spiced up with such advanced features as:

  • multiple skins and different layouts for unique customization;
  • support of various mobile devices;
  • support for Flickr, Picasa and Facebook;
  • full screen views;
  • easy-to-use WordPress admin panel.

and this is not the whole list. It comprises other extra options that will definitely satisfy desires of your upcoming projects.

Slide Deck 2

Slide Deck 2 is a fully responsive, feature-rich script that is available not only in JS but also in WordPress version. It allows effectively interacting with Youtube and Flickr content, creating custom HTML content as well as editing slides.

The developers’ team offers:

  • 3 pricing options: personal, professional, developer;
  • special lifetime license;
  • constant updates;
  • excellent support;
  • 14 day money-back guarantee.

FSS – Full Screen Sliding Website Plugin

This advanced jquery plugin is aimed to maximize an impact produced on online visitors by your images. It lets you fill the whole header area with your artworks, making them a center of attention. The author incorporates into the component such features as:

  • scroll bar;
  • 2 transition effects;
  • AJAX support;
  • support of keyboard navigation;
  • autoplay and loop.

li JQuery Slider/Image Rotator

Coming with 12 skins and more than 104 transition effects and extra options, this lightweight premium script will please you with:

  • YouTube content support;
  • Vimeo content support;
  • QuickTime;
  • PrettyPhoto;
  • LightBox.

Unfortunately the author does not provide a support anymore, yet it can be still a really good bargain.

Point of ViUU

Based on a powerful and flexible jQuery framework, this slideshow can be easily used as a standard carousel that pleasantly showcases you multimedia data. Numerous options along with 4 different orientations display provide you with an extensive toolkit for customization.

Moreover, with a help of such options as:

  • automatic rotation;
  • controller panel;
  • settings for opacity;
  • extra dark theme;

you will be able to ideally adjust the slider for your project.


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  1. Craig Anthony May 17, 12:03 am

    Thanks for sharing. Lots of great tools here.

  2. Muhammad May 20, 10:19 pm

    Really cool sliders, also please bring a post related to wordpress inpost image sliders. eg galleria; really need to know which is best.

  3. Arora Jul 6, 10:21 am

    Nivo Slider and Slide Deck are the nice sliders included here. However, jQuery Cycle plugin from Malsup is missing here. It has 28 browser effects and offers a lot of customization. I am using for the last three months, found it good.

  4. Jason Aug 12, 7:43 pm

    Thanks for including SlideDeck! We’re working hard to create a powerful slider that can accommodate virtually any type of content you throw at it, as well as be easy to maintain by your non-technical clients.

  5. Madih Jan 21, 10:43 am

    Thanks for sharing such sliders, I was amazed to see that big websites are using same open source scripts that listed in this post.

    Still shocking for me.


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