The Art of Lukas Brezak – Impressive Illustrations

Dr. Lukas Brezak is a renowned artist, illustrator and a graphic designer from the Czech Republic. When we talk about the art of Lukas Brezak, the first and foremost thing that comes in our mind is the unthinkable cocktail of reality and fantasy apart from the abstract form of art, his images present.

Each and every image created by Dr. Brezak is unique. The breathtaking use of color, light and shades and forms creates a unique world of graphic world which is so very different from the world we know around us.

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The art of Lucas Brezak represents a happy marriage between the reality and imaginations. If we talk about a few examples like the On Air, Water Kitty, the Hell Kitty, Smooth Finer Evil, Evil and a few others, perhaps the features of his art will be discussed in the best way. All these are perfect examples of combination between the conventional forms of life with fantasy, pregnant with impeccably used outlines, colors and the abstracts at its best.

The perspective of the art of Lukas Brezak is laden with the realities of life and hence the work expresses the various shades and feelings of life in the rudest form sometimes even causing sore in the eyes of the onlookers. After all, reality bites!

The Art of Lukas Brezak

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  1. Nora Reed Feb 15, 9:05 am

    These are so impressive illustrations. Very Good to see them ;)
    Enjoy the posting here! Good Job :)


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