20 Examples of Minimalistic Responsive Web Designs

Your customers and clients are visiting your website from many different devices, from smart phones, tablets, netbooks and more. Growing day by day, this has tested the traditional forms of developing a web design and helped craft a new way to meet your users’ needs.  This is called responsive design.

A brief explanation

Responsive web design has very quickly become a new buzz word in the design industry. Fixed widths will be a thing of the past as fluid layouts have taken over with media queries and more style sheets to aid the changing screen resolution of gadgets and devices.  They give a beautiful and better user experience regardless of screen size.

Innovative technology has changed user’s experiences and expectations of websites. Designers resorted in creating different versions of web designs, from mobile optimised to IPAD friendly designs. Responsive design tackles this issue by being able to adjust and change according to the device used to view the site.

Minimalistic Responsive Web Designs

Responsive designs work well for a number of styles and trends; today we will be discussing minimalistic responsive websites. Responsive design is great for corporate and design businesses, their web designs tend to be more minimal, it appears that more and more designers are embracing that less is more. But it’s important to remember that minimal doesn’t always have to be colourless, some websites have strong colours and still fit in to the minimal category.

Although developing a minimal website takes as just as much thought and planning, making it responsive is slightly easier. Only a few tweaks are needed for it to become fluid. Think of a simple background with eye catching typography, it will allow your customers and clients to find what they are looking for easier and provides simple navigation (compared to much heavier web designs) and gives them the chance to browse your website across all devices. There are no limitations.

Developing a responsive design in this style can really help promote your brand and products.  With the future of the internet resting on mobile devices perhaps it’s time you started thinking about your companies’ responsive design.

Minimalistic Responsive Web Design Examples

For your design inspiration we have collected some of the most outstanding minimal responsive websites. These sites look fantastic on a small smartphone as well as a large full scale monitor. Try them out for yourself, visit these sites on your tablet or smartphone you should still see well-presented designs.

Bread & Pepper

Thirst Studios

Five Simple Steps

Henry Brown

Kisko Labs

Ethan Marcotte


A Different Design

Information Architects

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Neeru Bhangu works in design and marketing for small printing company, Print Express UK. She loves writing about new design trends and giving marketing advice. In her spare time Neeru enjoys long walks and London's fine art.


  1. aledesign.it Jan 23, 1:28 pm

    Excellent list. Is a trend in the last time. I see more site use this style…and often is not rich of ideas…minimal is not easy site without creative…and this post shows that good taste serves. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Pedro Duarte Jan 23, 1:30 pm

    Nice list, but the same list that everyone is featuring.
    These “inspirational” lists should show different sites than other show case sites, other what’s the point?

    I can guarantee you these are not the only minimal/responsive sites on the web. I know that because mine isn’t on there ;)

    • LB Mar 9, 5:46 pm

      Went to your site… slid the corner of the window, saw “Yes it is responsive”– you caught me!! LOL

  3. Beniz Jan 23, 2:28 pm

    Also the Viljami Salminen personal website about precisely the responsive design : http://viljamis.com/

  4. Robert Tobys Jan 25, 8:11 pm

    Great listing of RWD minimal websites. I’ve compiled a list as well that you can find here: http://www.greengoatmedia.com/blog/10-new-responsive-design-web-design-examples.html

    Also note my own site is RWD.

  5. Marija Zaric Jan 30, 6:06 pm

    Great collection of minimalistic designs. Also, I made html5 patisserie template with 1140 css grid great for making a responsive design that is optimized to work on any device: iphone, ipad, small tablet, small phone.
    It can be used for variety of themes. Link:

  6. Compare Companies Feb 7, 10:58 am

    These are very nice simple n very attractive web designs, thanks for the share : )

  7. wd May 28, 2:42 pm

    Really interesting article. A great collection of responsive web designs.A minimal responsive website design focuses on the message and implies the usage of text and space at their maximum. Responsive design continues to get a lot of attention.Thank you so much for this fine piece of quality content. Keep sharing.


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