Free and Premium Mobile Website Templates

These templates are able to make any web site visible through mobile phones as well as in PCs. Web site designers and developers are creating mind blowing designs for these free mobile website templates that have plenty of features. It gives the users all the facilities that they could ask for in a bigger device like PC. So there is no any trouble to browse different types of website according to their wish and convenience.

At present smartphone has been considered as one of the main trusted platforms for web related works. People love to do their web related jobs on their smartphones while they are not in front of their PCs. Since the latest smartphones give them the freedom of browsing internet at anytime, anywhere, people like to enjoy this service to the fullest. That is why most of the website owners also try to have the mobile version of their sites. The reason behind this is obvious and can easily be understood; they want to capture and utilize the huge market of their potential customers through this service who spend more time with mobile phones than with laptops and PCs. However, the experts claim that the introduction of iPad, iPhone or Smartphone is responsible for the craze of internet browsing through smaller devices like smartphones.

Free Mobile Website Templates and Layouts

Dossier Mobi


Playlist Mobi

Gringo mobi

Classic Mobi

Premium Mobile Website Templates

App Website

App Website

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Deal Website

Deal Website

First Page

First Page

Landing Page

Landing Page

Video website

Video Website

These pre-designed free mobile website templates are perfect for several niches. And that is obviously because of some great designers and developers who make that thing possible. In the internet you will be able to find out a wide range of mobile website templates and layouts. Moreover, there are both free and premium versions of these templates. You can download and install them for free. Sites that are designed with these kind of templates can be browsed easily by any kind of mobile phones that has the access of internet.

These templates and layouts are amazing in designs and have some great features. These free and premium mobile website templates give the site all the freedom that could be enjoyed during the browsing of a site on PCs or laptops. Along with the basic features of a website it gives some unique qualities like “go to top” or similar links that make the mobile website browsing easier and more exciting. That is why companies are now eager to buy or avail the free version of mobile website templates.

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  1. Rachael Feb 22, 12:36 pm

    Thanks for a nice varied collection of designs, I have to design and develop a mobile website for the first time over the next few upcoming weeks, so this collection is sure to aid me in my design and provide some inspiration.

    I think my favourite is the Bitter Mobile Page, almost looks more like an app than a web page, but everything is laid out very clearly, and easy to find whilst still being left with a space to advertising products and services. I think this design will prove most inspirational from those shown over the next few weeks!

  2. namastu Apr 4, 8:49 pm

    Awesome templates .. Thanks for sharing

  3. Makro Web Jan 1, 11:47 pm

    Great mobile web site themes.
    How can i insert to my web page?
    Thank you..


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