25+ Free and Premium Music Players for Website and Blog

ADG3 : Simple Sound Controller

Dark Star Mp3 Player Pro

MP3 Player Button 02

Volume Sound Control – fade In/Out + Cookie

MP3 Player with Multiple Instances

Dynamic Mp3 Player (xml)

XML MP3 Player with List

xml mp3 player – pi 1.0

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  1. Susan Nov 12, 11:42 pm

    Nice! I’ve been working on a few sites that had soundcloud (used Soundcloud is Gold) and reverbnation. I ended up using JWPlayer for one, but I want to add a different player on the site that’s using reverbnation.

    This will definitely save me some time! The one from ActiveDen with Paypal support looks hot!

    Do you know if any of them keep on playing if someone clicks on a different page? I checked this article out the other day.

  2. LadyJ Mar 25, 5:48 am

    The absolute Best List of the best audio pluggins (the other bloggers just lists from each other). Clearly you’ve done your homework. Kudos and many thanks.


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