30+ Interesting New Twitter Background Designs

Today we will reach a Twitter related theme. Many of us are using this free social network and micro-blogging service called Twitter. It gives us the opportunity of socialising, sharing links, promoting a product or a service and many more other things and it is placed on the top popular websites in the whole world by the web traffic analysis of Alexa. Ok, so if you’re a regular “twitterer”, then you’ve probably got bored of the same old background and would certainly like something new. If so, then this showcase is for you, because it comprises 30+ new twitter background images that are very interesting and would suit even the most whimsical of you.

Go ahead and browse through this wonderful collection and pick something for your Twitter background for it to enchant and play with your eye when socializing or sharing news with your friends or clients. Although some of us would say that the background is not so important, I would reply by saying that it creates the mood and the atmosphere. Why stay with the default one, when there are so many wonderful options around to suit your taste and preferences?

So here are the 30+ interesting new Twitter background designs we were talking about all this time… Pick something and then tweet about it to your friends, because who knows, maybe they would like to browse through this showcase too?

Twitter Background Designs


Marcel Santilli

eric washburn

St. Supery Winery

owen the owen.



LeBron James


eric steuten

Binoj Xavier

Juan M Martinez

Libreria Leo

Psychology Of Women

Daniel Keller


Cre8ive Commando


Gerardo Obieta

Matty Craig

Ujjwal Agarwal

We Heart Studios

Lee Maplesden

Ben Reffie

John Rawsterne

Laura @ 64 Colors


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  1. aledesign.it Jun 15, 12:00 pm

    Simply the best! I see more inspiration for my next background by twitter..I need to change..A nice collection! I don’t have preferences..all rea so cool! Thanks!

  2. Nebulas Website Design Essex Jun 15, 1:15 pm

    Some great designs thank you.

    Is there a standard size a background should be as it looks bad if the background just stops. I usually make them 2500 pxls wide to ensure this doesn’t happen.

  3. Dzinepress Jun 16, 11:43 am

    creative inspirations about social trend. thanks for sharing

  4. Tutorial Lounge Jun 16, 11:45 am

    after seen your post, i will order my designer to make something more creative twitter background.

  5. Wisdom Tucker Aug 16, 9:14 pm

    You should definitely add http://twitter.com/#!/eyecongraffix to this list. Take a look and let me know what you think!

    -Wisdom Tucker
    wisdomtucker.com (LAUNCHING SOON!)

  6. Brenda Oct 15, 5:41 pm

    These are all great designs carefully made to fit the users field. I guess it’s time to look for a more interesting design for our twitter account.

  7. Don Draper Oct 10, 5:40 pm

    I personally like when the background incorporates both sides of the twitter feed. I also like the background at http://www.twitter.com/swaggrmagazine very cool

  8. Asif Oct 12, 7:56 am

    Its not business. its for joy… You must have misunderstood designers love for the designs… we love to keep everything that belongs to us with a perfect and beautiful design…


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