12 Premium Retina Ready WordPress Themes

For mobile devices, high-definition graphics often come in the form of something called Retina display. This essentially means that the human eye cannot detect pixilation on the screen when viewing from a reasonable distance. With WordPress, there are themes that are optimized for Retina display.

These are often referred to as “Retina-ready” themes because they can be plugged in immediately and be ready for the high graphical content needed for mobile devices. Themes are basically just templates for your WordPress site, but they provide an enormous amount of different customization options. Of course, with the Retina-ready WordPress themes, you will be able to have aesthetic and functional designs along with a bright display that will be striking to the eye.

As with regular themes, you will find plenty of options ranging from sliders and widgets to fonts and colors that you can customize. You can choose whichever one is right for your blog structurally because Retina WordPress themes are all going to catch the eye visually. Below is a list of 12 of the best Retina-ready themes for your WordPress site.

Retina Ready WordPress Themes

Nimble — Multipurpose Retina Ready WordPress Theme

With Nimble, you get 15 premade skins in bright colors that will seem to extend beyond the screen. It’s also unique in that you don’t have to install any plugins because everything works as standalone devices. It features a full screen slideshow that is optimized for mobile devices. It’s also full of different animations that give the theme a distinct feel.

Apartment – Responsive & Retina Ready

The Apartment theme comes complete with premium sliders, over 500 different fonts from Google, and an intuitive design optimized for blogs or other post-creating entities. The sleek, beautiful design of the sliders makes for a unique user experience. Videos from YouTube and Vimeo can be hosted within the slider and optimized for mobile use.

Entity – Retina Responsive WordPress Theme

Built on the Swift Framework, the theme is geared to “swipability” on mobile devices. It also features an easily navigable interface full of different customization options for your website. There are many different page options including blogs, portfolios, and many others. It’s really all a matter of setting it up and giving it a go.

Powerful – Responsive, Retina-ready Theme

The Powerful theme comes complete with the ability to put any background image onto your website that you want. There are also several different options when it comes to templates and layouts. Indeed, it comes with a total of ten templates and six different colors to ensure that your site stands out from the rest. You’ll also find a LayerSlider built into the theme that allows for drag and drop functionality.

Side Mobile Retina

With a customized panel and jQuery support, the Side Mobile Retina theme provides you with some semblance of controllability. Indeed, you’ll find a homepage slider, animated toggle options, and photo galleries that can make your site practically glisten. It also comes with over 100 different Retina icons and a variety of readymade pages. You can also use the Retina icons as shortcodes to give your site more customized features.

CeeVee Mobile Retina

The bright colors of the Retina display are only enhanced by all the other features this theme provides. It can give you jQuery toggles, a custom admin panel, and 5 custom pages. All of this is optimized for your mobile device and can be used on a desktop computer as well. It comes with a standard AJAX contact form built in along with customizability with the CSS code.

Unicorn — Multipurpose Retina Ready WP Theme

Unicorns are magical creatures and that concept certainly extends to this Unicorn theme. It features over 500 different fonts, 6 unique and dynamic sliders, 10 readymade layouts, and customizability that appear to be second to none. They also include extensive tutorials to ensure that you know exactly how to use their product to its fullest extent. In addition, you can utilize an innovative layout builder to create your own custom layouts.

Showroom Portfolio Retina Ready WP Theme

This WordPress theme seems to have everything you could ask for and more. It’s full of options to create a portfolio website that provides an experience like no other. It is constructed like a “masonry” blog because it’s built virtually block by block with content filling each square. The theme also features an intuitive drag and drop builder as well as music-playing compatibility.

CleanSpace Retina Ready Business WP Theme

With a simple drag and drop page builder, you can create a website that is virtually unique across a wide range of levels. There are plenty of color and font options along with a few premade layouts that make the web design aspect of your website quite simple. You can also have a photo or video gallery while making use of the built-in LayerSlider plugin.

Gentle Responsive Portfolio WP Theme Retina Ready

Unlimited color options and a brand new LayerSlider plugin are the hallmarks of this Retina-ready theme. There is also an expansive control panel that allows you to perform a wide variety of administrative functions. It comes with several blog and portfolio themes along with easy customization. You’ll also find YouTube lightbox support and Vimeo support.

Pupa – Responsive & Retina Multi-Purpose Theme

Here you’ll find premium sliders and unlimited colors that can help give your website a streamlined, vibrant look and feel. It is optimized to include video, photo, and gallery portfolio pages that can organize your website adroitly. The control panel is super-powerful and massive to allow for complete control over the theme and your website in general.

Gridz – Creative Agency Retina Ready WP Theme

As you might imagine, the Gridz WordPress theme is built in a grid-like style with squares and rectangles forming a collage of images on your site. With this theme, you’ll find SEO optimization and an easy drag and drop site builder. The admin panel is massive and provides tons of control over even the smallest aspects of your site. It’s also got unlimited colors and backgrounds to take advantage of the dynamic Retina display.

If you’re looking for the cutting edge in technology, then Retina display is definitely there. It can provide you with lifelike graphics and animations that seem to pop from the screen. While this is nice to look at, it also provides webmasters with a little jump on their competition. If your website is dull and boring and not optimized for mobile devices, you’re probably going to see a lot of potential business go by the wayside.

But, with one of these dynamic themes you can change your fortune entirely. Of these 12, there’s certainly one that will meet your standards for both Retina display and web design. In fact, that’s the real benefit of these themes is that they don’t have to sacrifice functionality for the Retina designation. Just like any other theme, they produce highly functional sites that will be easy and fun to use by virtually anyone.

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