Romain Laurent’s New Advertising Prints

French photographer and designer Romain Laurent makes his masterpieces of photos, digital postproduction, humor and unrestrained imagination.

He added to his portfolio the new photo-series which is the exquisite work of art. I suppose, that fresh original photos, interesting ideas and deep meaning is that make his photos different from any other.

He has worked for some of the world’s largest ad agencies and fashion magazines, and Laurent’s work has been commissioned by companies such as Microsoft, Nissan and the Discovery Channel.

His works refer to the area of advertising photos with postproduction. As a result of it photos become very bright, precise and detailed.

Advertising Prints

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  1. Adrian Feb 7, 8:19 am

    A static image is nice in your eyes or not, no matter how it has been built, it’s always going thru your eyes to your brain where it’s “compiled” with your experience/life/conscience producing a final feeling.

  2. Louisi Feb 10, 11:09 pm

    I am an absolute lover of the first photographic because it is passes as an advertisement on my TV station in the French Caribbean island and I love the drink so I like it and except what I just said, you are a great artist and your work is absolutely gorgeous ^^


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