8 Smashing Books for Web Developers from MightyDeals

If you think about doing something professionally, you would have to learn from the best. Where else could you do that than books?

Someone once said that books are more expensive than food and that you have to want to afford them in order to get them. Well not any more! Now you can get 8 eBooks for just $20! That means you get 46% off the regular price. This amazing deal is offered by Smashing Magazine and more details about it can be found on Mighty Deals.

8 Smashing Books for Web Developers from MightyDealsThe books will teach developers, themers, designers learn about responsive design and other tweaks to be considered on the web nowadays. You can learn more about CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, WordPress and HTML on the pages of these eBooks. We think this is a great deal and interested people shouldn’t get it slip away! This deal is available only for this week.

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  1. ZAP Jul 24, 3:07 am

    Deal expired? That was fast.


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