30+ Free & Premium Beautiful Tumblr Themes

The Tumblr is more like a social version of WordPress which is proven to be the quickest and easiest way to interact and share with a personal blog. It has a wide range of features that eradicates the complexity that was there earlier. It provides numerous Tumblr themes with unique features which could be very easily used to alter the looks of the Tumblr site. In order to tailor the theme to the view of your blog, there are several customization options. There is an option to change the theme of the blog at any time one wants to.

With its fascinating themes, Tumblr has gained significant popularity these days. These themes are used by more than three million people, and the various categories of the themes are black & white, color layouts, animal print, art, girls, hearts, vintage, emothemes, checkered themes, and many more.

Also, the backgrounds have a touch of pleasing excellence, with a delicacy in completion. Without altering the visualization of the contents in the site, the tumblr themes or layouts or backgrounds could be easily selected. These attractive themes can be easily customized in their own personal blogs.

About Design for Tumblr Themes

With the enormous and elegant selections of layouts, the blog looks more impressive. This would make your blog unique from the other person’s blog. The process of choosing a theme is also remarkably clear and simple.

Nowadays, many people have understood that apart from WordPress and blogger, Tumblr has become an excellent place to start blogging. There are also numerous free themes available in Tumblr which are quite simple and powerful. It has a high resolution image setting because the image is clear and sharp. If one uploads any picture, it will look like as if he or she captured it on an HD camera.

There is no need for any exceptional technical skills to use these themes, and one can easily and quickly post images, quotes, videos, slideshows, texts or photos.

There is also an option to remove the original domain name and use a custom domain name. In case one uses a dot com domain name, the site will look more professional. In order to enjoy this feature, one need not use WordPress.com or the Google Blogger.

Free Tumblr Themes

Miss Sourpuss

Effector Theme

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  1. meg Dec 26, 4:44 pm

    please create a tumblr theme similar to stacky but so that the pictures appear smaller – more fit onto the screen.

  2. Taylor Jan 27, 1:59 am

    Hi! you’re themes are so amazing! I love the theme Firsts, I used it on my blog I was just wondering, I tried to make it an infinite scroll and it works but on the first page there are 2 columns of posts, but once I go to the 2nd page it’s only one column of posts. If you know how to fix this i would really appreciate it, you could email me or post on my tumblr :). Thanks so much!


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