10 Tools to Create an Amazing Twitter Presence for You

The power of developing your own personal brand is something that I found to gain more and more importance on Twitter. Using your personal voice as a strong messenger of thoughts, great content and a powerful channel to get feedback and engage with others has been very useful for me.

It has allowed me to build a very targeted Twitter following around my account and helped me grow my business solely through Twitter. Of course, Twitter alone can easily become very time-consuming. So here are my top 10 Twitter tools to build an amazing brand around your Twitter account without spending hours and hours on Twitter, yet still remaining a genuine personality.

Buffer – Easily Tweet At Optimal Times

One of the most important component to a great Twitter performance I found is to Tweet great content on a regular basis. Here is where Buffer is most useful for me. Every morning I can fill up my Buffer with a few Tweets or so and the App posts them for me at optimal times over the day.

The great thing here is that you can add Tweets to your Buffer from any website you are reading with one of the browser extensions. Whenever I like an article I can give it a click on the Buffer icon and add it as a Tweet.

Top Tip: With every Tweet you send via Buffer you will get detailed analytics about how many clicks, retweets and reach.


Formulists – Create Twitter Lists More Efficiently

Building my Twitter lists has been one of the most powerful aspects to continue growing my network organically. However it is often a very time-consuming process and I forget about putting great new acquaintances into lists.

With Formulists you can easily set up certain triggers that will put others into the right list you have chosen. So if someone retweets, mentions or follows you, you can have them in the right list of your network without doing anything.

Top Tip: A great advantage with Formulists is that it automatically keeps a tab of the most engaged people in your network open for you.


Twylah – Your Personal Twitter Brand Page

An App that certainly can’t be missed here is Twylah. The App automatically turns all your Tweets into a beautiful brand page, filled with categories and rich media display. It makes is very easy for your followers to understand what you are Tweeting about the most and whether you are a good fit to follow them.

I found this to be a great way to use in certain situations where a glance over my past Tweets isn’t really useful. You can try putting your Twylah page in your Twitter bio, in your email signature or on your blog. It is a great way to get more out of your Tweeting efforts.

Top Tip: All of your Tweets are also indexed in Google via Twylah, which is a great way to get more SEO juice out of Twitter for you.


Twimbow – Your Colourful Twitter Dashboard

Twimbow is taking a completely new approach to a Twitter dashboard. Instead of seeing one monotonous stream of Tweets, the App allows you to add colours to them. You can colourcode @replies, retweets or simply hashtags.

I found Twimbow to be a great way to stay on top of your Twitter feed. After a few days, you are starting to recognise the colours and you can handle your stream a lot easier. Twimbow is one of those Apps that you just have to try.

Top Tip: You can add pre-set hashtags to your Tweets to colourcode them for other Twimbow users, which I found to be a great way to connect with the Twimbow community.


TweetChat – Participate More Seamlessly In Twitter Chats

If you haven’t come across Twitter Chats, this might be a great way to get started. They are online events, usually lasting about one hour and discussing a particular topic. There are Twitter chats for web design, blogging tips, Social Media and more. Here is a great list of over 400 Twitter chats.

Participating in a Twitter chat is highly facilitated with TweetChat. It is a dashboard that allows you to set a pre-fix of a hashtag so you don’t have re-enter it for every new Tweet. It also has a realtime function and updates seamlessly throughout the time of the chat going on.

Top Tip: A great feature of TweetChat is that you can block any user that might be cluttering or overtweeting during the chat.


Hashtracking – Get Full Stats On Any Twitter Hashtag

Whether you are starting your own online or offline Twitter event, or whether you want to learn how well a hashtag actually performs, Hashtracking is a great solution for both. By simply entering the hashtag, the App will generate a very powerful, free report for you.

The App will determine how many Tweets there were posted, how many eyeballs you may have reached an which number of retweets that have occurred. Additionally you will get a display of the top 10 users from the hashtag, which is very helpful to identify key players in the field.

Top Tip: Hashtracking makes it very easy to export all results to be used in a presentation elsewhere, also including a geographic analysis that is coming soon.


ManageFlitter – Clean Out Your Twitter Following

After spending some time building your network it often happens that there are a few people you are actually no longer interacting with. Some Twitter accounts my turn idle or are Tweeting way more than you have expected.

With ManageFlitter you can unfollow all those that make no sense for you to have in your network anymore with just a few clicks. The App also makes intelligent suggestions for you showing you who is not following you back or no longer active on Twitter.

Top Tip: What I like best about this App is that you don’t have to sign up with any account information. You connect with Twitter, unfollow a few people and you can leave again.


WhoTweetedMe – Find out who Tweeted URLs

Another great way to extend your Twitter network is to connect to influential people that are interested in the same topics as you. Here is where WhoTweetedMe can be hugely helpful. You can insert any URL and the App will give you some very interesting insights about its appearance on Twitter.

You will learn how many retweets the post got and at which time they happened. Additionally you will learn about the potential reach and the average follower count per person retweeting the post. Overall this is a great way to understand about your post’s audience I believe.

Top Tip: You will also get a list of who the top 20 people were Tweeting the post. You can thank them right there with just one click too.


TwitSprout – A One Page Twitter Analytics Dashboard

There exist a huge amount of various Twitter analytics tools out there and many can easily turn out to be rather difficult to understand. With TwitSprout a lot of the hassles are already taken care of and understanding what is going on around your account is a lot easier.

On one single page you will see all the most important metrics including follower growth, number of retweets and mentions over time. The app interestingly even overlays them for you to make it easier to understand whether your growth is happening organically.

Top Tip: What I like best about TwitSprout is that you can export all data into a pdf. file and use it in your presentations or reports.


Those are my top 10 Tools to create an outstanding Twitter presence. How about you? Do you think any of these tools could be useful for you too?

I'm a Social Media enthusiast with an extra large sized addiction to Twitter. I'm always on the lookout for the best Twitter tips and tools to share. Hit me up on Twitter @Leowid if you need anything, I will be quick in responding and helping you out.


  1. Erik Sep 26, 10:40 pm

    Thanks for the post. Checking out Buffer right now. Especially nice cause i dont have alot of time to tweet, so now when i do i can actually make it worth while.

  2. Ileane Oct 4, 12:46 am

    Hi Leo! Great to see you guest posting here. I like your tips!

  3. Catherine Nov 28, 6:43 pm

    Thanks for the post.. and if I may add, wrote about tweepi.com, its great tools too and by using it, I can easily gain followers. I wrote about it in my blog.. :)

  4. tamar Dec 21, 3:34 pm

    great tools and post! you’re doing an amazing job.. if i may add i would like to suggest itweetlive which is a management and engagement platform for twitter community managers. This tool allows you to group your searches and bulk reply in a personalized way that will help you build your community. it’s totally free of charge. check it out

  5. Isaac Young Jan 8, 6:24 pm

    My favorite part about this article is the Top Tip – a quick pointer on how to get a little extra value out of the application. Great job Leo!

    I have another Top Tip: Tweetlr – http://techoctave.com/tweetlr. Tweetlr is a Twitter CRM that helps you find targeted and relevant friends. Tweetlr is about building a targeted audience that makes sense for you. I’ve just been amazed at the quality of people I meet now who are actually interested in the things that interest my team and I.

    Everyone wants you to keep “busy” with 3rd-party websites and managing analytics – things that take you away from your audience. Twitter isn’t made for that. Twitter was never made for that. Twitter is about people interacting with people. I needed a tool that would help me find the right people. Tweetlr did just that and I highly recommend it!

  6. Sebastian Latina Jan 16, 6:30 am

    Awesome information. I am in the process of writing a simple 3 part series on the basics of Twitter and will include, and of course, reference this article. Great blogging!

  7. Juliet Fay Jan 18, 11:21 am

    Excellent post with clear descriptions of the various tools. Thanks for researching and posting. This will help many of my clients too.

  8. Chantal Jan 31, 5:06 pm

    Great post! this is very helpful in creating a twitter presence. You can also try itweetlive which is a free twitter tool for personalized engagement with masses of people (you target the relevant people for your searches offcourse). Features AB testing so you can see which tweets generated the most conversation/mentions and easily identify which campaigns are working for you. Searches include geo-location as well as Klout Sort.

  9. Viral Technologies Feb 15, 11:41 pm

    Thanks for the post. There are so many Twitter tools out there so its nice when someone who has tried them all can help to weed out the good from the bad : ) Would you go with Buffer over Hootsuite? They seem to do similar things except that you said there was a miniature community within Buffer.

  10. Amit Sharma Feb 29, 7:24 am

    Thanks for great compilation, really like the manage filter tool, unfollowed a huge number of inactive Twitter followers..
    At first was using Untweeps.com, good service though, but not better than Manage Filters.

  11. Surlz Mar 1, 5:25 pm

    I like shortening links for twitter with , it also allows geographic statistics of used links.


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