20+ Free and Premium Video Players for Website and Blog

Nowadays it is very common to insert videos and audio streaming into different websites and blogs. It is a known factor that the media on various blogs and websites are going to stay for long and for getting the right kind of experience and to provide better quality of service, we are always in search of the best tools.

Other than the quality of experience given to the readers, there is also another factor for placing these video clips. They are to increase the sales and for signing up their products. These video players have various functions and you can build your own juke box on your sites. You can arrange the sizes and color to make it suit your design type. There are options to add hundreds of videos into these players from different sources on the net. You can also add your own videos to it. Some sites offer you the best video players for website according to what you need. These video players let you add videos and they are customizable to let you choose the best skin that suits your web designs.

Video bloggers will know find it easy to incorporate videos from hosts like Youtube, Metacafe, Vimeo and many more. Some themes do not possess a local video player and have a customized video interface and along with it some added functions related to blogger. These themes work for sites that intend to display videos inside the post pages. There are beautiful video themes and they provide support to those who want to create a site based on video. It is becoming popular everyday day because of its unique functionality. Using these themes you can create content with the dash board and express iPhone app. They are ideal for displaying different multimedia content.

There are some funky video themes to put your site at the topmost position. You can simply chill out with this theme. Some influential theme which are video-based can be customized and separate the video posts and blog content. It has a custom made single video template and some great social links to be shared. This theme is good for videographers and movie fans. Any type of embeddable video design can be used from any type of video service.

Free Video Players

Flowplayer – Flash Video Player for the Web

Video LightBox JS

JW Player

Free flash flv/mp4 player

SublimeVideo – HTML5 Video Player

Premium Video Players

Vplayer – Video player with Gallery

Tejas – Premium HTML5 Video Player

JQuery Html5 Video Player

HTML5 Video Gallery with Live Playlist

MediaBox – jQuery Plugin for Audio & Video

Video Player Reflection Multi Skin Local / YouTube

Dynamic Flash Video Player (.flv & h.264)

Very Versatile Video Player (h.264, and flv)

Ultra XML Video Player

Clean White Video Player

Xml video player

AS3 Video Player

Smart Video Player

Fullscreen Video Player 03 AS2

New Video Player. Dynamic Movie Player FlashVars.

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  1. Nora Reed Dec 12, 12:36 pm

    Well i want to add a video on my blog, but i am bore with old video player designs…. you published such a outstanding looks of video player showcase!! i will surely use one of these style on my blog :) thank you :)

  2. Pen Dec 13, 8:55 am

    Many thanks for sharing all these video players – they look great! I like the minimal ones best.

  3. zbutcher Dec 14, 7:49 pm

    Nice list Adrian.

    I’d also recommend adding :


    BTW: Recently found this amazing mondo feature comparison list of HTML5 players (with samples video) from the guys at http://praegnanz.de/html5video/index.php


    – Joe B.
    http://bit.ly/q1pnJG [ twitter ]

    Resident online video curation geek on Scoop.it:


  4. Stephen Jan 3, 4:05 am

    Most impressive list of vp i have seen on the WEB. thanks for a job well done.

    I am working on my site…emergingdesigners.net.au. and I really liking the flowplayer. It’s incredible.

  5. Aj Sep 27, 1:13 am

    What a great list..thanks so much for all the fab info.! I found another related read worth sharing. It’s basically a compilation of posts dedicated to video players including one on “The Best Media Players for Windows” that your readers might also find useful.

  6. taiaroadavid Dec 12, 6:46 am

    Good job Adrian,

    Recently i used Yendifplayer. Its really superb.

    I recommend to adding



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