Why you should Start Up an Online Business in College

We are very lucky to live in this unbelievable “digital age”. Internet gives us so many opportunities as it is the hugest communication resource ever known to mankind. It opens so many doors to million people and millions use this opportunity to achieve their goals. Have you ever been thinking about profits people get from creating websites and using Internet? It is not a secret that everyone is egoist in some way and interested in his own benefits. So, it is not difficult to guess that people use Internet to make money with being engaged to online business. Are you still listed as a simple user of Internet who only gets information and spend money there?

Let’s face it: you are young and ambitious, and your college years offer you a great opportunity to explore your future potential. Moreover, modern world gives you a great opportunity to start your own online business as well. Why wouldn’t you grab this great chance? Why don’t you use an extra time on your hands to make it work on you? Time is money. So, do not waste your time while you are young and full of energy.

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You can say that you know nothing about this and it will not work. But you have the most powerful information resource to make some efforts and gather all the information you need. Definitely, your future benefits worth of that. Set up your goals and go ahead! Of course you should envisage an opportunity of full fiasco starting your online business. But let’s think about the definition of business. Of course business is a kind of risk, but don’t forget about huge benefits you can get taking this risk. Moreover, the most significant profit you will definitely get is a great experience. It will give you the competitive edge you mostly need when you heat the job-market.

Let’s move on to the next reason which is your financial independence. Think about money you could make as about “my own money”. It is all yours to do whatever you want without giving any report about what you need this money for to your parents. I think there is no need to explain all the advantages of being independent and making your own money.

Why wouldn’t you show yourself as a well motivated student while in college? Take an advantage of free consulting that you could get from your professors. Combination of knowledge you could get from them and your creativity is a great chance to become a real pro in online business.  Moreover, you have a great chance to improve your programming and business skills for free. When you start working on your business, you will meet amazing people, take an advantage to learn their experience and use it not to fail miserably.

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Motivation is one of the most important things you should think of starting your online business. Think about time when you will be a graduate and the only one way you will have is to find a 9-to-5 job to stick in routine non-stop office work. Is it really your way of life? I don’t think so. Set up your goals and decide what kind of life you want to live.

I guess you would agree with me that the world would not come to an end if you sacrificed your scared independence just a tiny bit and lived with your parents or took some money from them as an investment to your online business. However, you should better be careful with money and save them. Remember that necessity is the mother of invention. Doing whatever you want and simply spending money you will not come up with amazing ideas. In that case, there is no place in for generating new ideas and projects in your brain. But realizing your real needs and desires those will provide you with successful future can come only with limiting yourself thinking about future. Ideas will not come if only thing you think of is next cool party that will be held on Saturday. Oh, and of course what you should better wear.

There are so many options out there for online business that can bring you an income. Moreover, I am sure that you are able to generate your own spectacular and up-to-date ideas. But I also hope that you will find your inner power to make those ideas come true. Don’t forget that what lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us. Think very well, find your own way out and don’t even accept a thought that you can’t fulfill your dreams and aims.

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  1. Mars Jan 2, 6:35 am

    this is the thing that I missed during my college days.. how i wish wordpress is present already during that time :)

  2. Hugo Bernardo Jan 3, 1:09 am

    wow! i felt inspired by this post DesignModo! :D

    im starting my own online bizz…and your site is helping A LOT!
    thanks for all

    wish me luck! (:

  3. aditia Jan 3, 2:55 am

    I too one of many person who regret this, starting business while you have 9to5 job is harder than while in college

  4. Liane | Blog Design Team Jan 3, 3:42 pm

    I just started mine! And if you click in my name you’ll see it! Hahaha.

    On a more serious note though, I’m truly lucky to belong to this age- wherein young people have the avenue to be whoever they want to be. The online world allows that. And I promise to work hard for it ;)

  5. NK Smith Jan 4, 1:37 pm

    Great advice! Even high school kids with a little ambition and persistence can start an online business, especially given all the great software that’s available now.

  6. Jitendra Shah Apr 15, 9:52 pm

    Thanks to the internet, it’s so easy to utilize the tools online to start up an online business in a number of niches


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