Free and Premium WordPress Blog Themes

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging and powerful website building platforms that enables the users to personalize the themes according to their requirements. It allows the user to capture the flavor of the site and to create a website that is visually appealing to the visitors. There are various types of themes from basic to complex that could be easily purchased and downloaded. There are also free WordPress blog themes available that are quite simple and easy to use. Make sure the themes that you choose should enhance the message of your website and should also equally correspond to the subject matter.

WordPress are one of the best among the various themes available on the internet since it has some added unique features and quality compared to others. The free themes can be easily downloaded and customized according to the user and the premium WordPress themes have more advanced and unique high quality features. Most of the premium themes need to be paid for, before you can download and install them. The quality, style and the uniqueness are the major differences between the free and the premium WordPress blog themes. The blog styled themes always makes your blog and website look good and attractive to the visitors.

Nowadays, blogging has become quite popular in the internet world since it reflects and showcases your image to the visitors. The blog styled WordPress themes are one of the most popular themes that has advanced homepage features based on categories. These themes have numerous options and features and would make your website feel more professional and impressive. They are quite easy to customize and has a unique look when compared with the other WordPress themes. It is also very easy to update and maintain which saves a lot of your time. The blog styled themes allow the users to place the links at social bookmarking sites to your articles.

With amazing features and designs, the blog style themes are one of the most sought-after themes since they are very effective for managing various posts on a webpage. They are crisp, modern and portray a unique visual impact to the users. WordPress offers numerous choices with its variety of themes, which makes the content of your website quite catchy and impressive.

Free WordPress Blog Themes




WordPress Anniversary Theme


Premium WordPress Blog Themes

Startup Framework for WordPress

Business WordPress Theme

Startup Framework for WordPress is a new powerful theme, which will help you create websites in an easy and intuitive way. It’s not an ordinary WordPress theme, it is a mix of the most advanced front-end tool working with the most popular CMS in the world.

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  1. Timk Mar 5, 4:01 pm

    Awesome collection of wordpress themes. These days i will make my personal blog and even from this collection i can’t decide which to install. heh


  2. Rogelio Apr 23, 6:05 pm

    Looks great and is giving me ideas for my blog. The only thing I find an issue with these themes is that of individual post customization as don’t allow for the modifying of widgets per post.



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